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10 Superyacht Concepts With Outrageous Features

10 Superyacht Concepts With Outrageous Features


Among the most outrageous yachts ever built, Sailing Yacht A and Yas are top of the list. The polarizing designs are defined by their exteriors—A for its fortress aesthetic and the former navy frigate Yas for its dolphin-like appearance. Love them or loathe them, they break from conventional yacht design and show what can be done with a little fresh thinking. That’s exactly what concepts are intended to do, and some of the world’s most outrageous examples take it to the extreme.

“Yacht concepts drive human evolution in maritime adventure,” says Micca Ferrero, owner of ICON Yachts. “It is one of the oldest and purest forms of work, as humans have been preparing to take to the sea for centuries in search of a better world. Each concept carries a small part of our future at sea.”
But the concepts have gone beyond simple sea vessels. From the Airyacht, with its detachable upper blimp structure, to U-Boat Worx’s Nautilus that can travel underwater at 10 knots, superyachts are no longer limited to the surface. Shape, size, amenities and propulsion are all up for grabs, and some of the most eyebrow-raising examples pave the way for the yachts of tomorrow.

Here are 10 of our favorite outrageous yacht concepts ever launched.

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