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How can you make a terrarium for a song?  Well, this post is going to touch on a two topics because they overlap;  my plant sale, and making new plants.  Interesting duo, huh?

This time of year I get itchy to do gardening even though it is still a frozen winterland outside.  I start thinking about the plant sale my dad and I hold every May.  I divide my perennials outside, pot them up, and get them over to my dad’s house where he sells his tomatoes and peppers.  More about that later.  For right now I’m limited to what I can do indoors so I concentrate on my houseplants and seedlings.  Interestingly, houseplants always sell so well at the sale that I sell out pretty early so I’ve made a mental note to make and bring more this year.  Looking around at the houseplants I saw a jade plant so overgrown you couldn’t see the beautiful pot it was in anymore and rose geraniums overwintering inside that are too unkempt for their pot and also a different type of jade with tubular leaves that was droopy because the branches were so full of leaves.  A sharp little knife reserved for plants makes fast work of slicing up these guys!

Jade plant after its severe trim!                      plants - rose geranium

On the left there is my jade after its severe cutting and now you can see the beautiful blue pot and by summer when it goes outside it will be all budded with new green leaves.  And the geranium there on the right doesn’t look too good but it is already growing new leaves where I took the cuttings so I will be able to make more.  The plan is to chop it and stick them in to the ground right there to make a more compact plant.

After taking the cuttings I dipped them in rooting hormone powder from the garden store.  It’s a little pricey, but one container lasts a long time because you just need a little dusting on the tips that are going into the ground.  Now look at all the new plants I made!

005 006 Plants - Jade Cuttings

At $1.50 per pot I’m going to make a little tidy sum for my efforts!  Also, I have some new plants for free if I want them for my terrariums.

Plants - Jade in Terrarium

The pots for the cuttings were free – picked up along my dog walk route on garbage collection day in early summer when all my neighbors are planting new things from the garden center.  I collect them whenever I see them and I have quite a good range of sizes and shapes in the garage from which to choose.  A little observation and planning goes a long way!  I use a little potting soil and rooting hormone, but the cost is really negligible compared to the benefits.  I have plants for my own use and I will sell most of them.  The price for a similar-sized jade plant at the garden center is $4.99 so my customers are happy to pay my low price.  By May the cuttings will be well-rooted and growing new leaves, rightful little plants all on their own.

Tomorrow I will share more secrets for creating wonderful terrarium worlds under glass!

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