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I love the library!  Not only do I have a great local library, but they have set up lending agreements with 43 other libraries in the region which will let me order anything they have and then pick it up at my library!  I’m really astounded at the brilliance of this.  Talk about using technology for life-improvement and what great value for taxpayer-dollars.

Anyway, my library has a NEW section which is fun to just walk along and see what jumps out at me.  This book, “Artist’s Journal Workshop” by Cathy Johnson grabbed me and I’m completely absorbed in it.  I’m reading it extremely slowly, though, so I have ordered my own copy from Amazon.  The best thing about this book is the author tells you about different artist’s tools and how to use them.  I had no idea there was something called a waterbrush which has a handle that is a tube of water.  With a squeeze the water comes down into the brush.  I love this!

My husband signed up for a drawing class and we needed to go to the art store to get him outfitted anyway, so guess what I asked for?  I came home with a waterbrush and a new waterproof marker-brush!  Here’s my first attempt at playing with these toys.  These are 2 calves in France we happened upon while hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc last September.


This took 2 days and it’s only 6 x 8″!  I have a new drive to play around with this artist’s journal idea.  For those hours I worked on this little piece I was completely absorbed.  This is not a bad thing.  During that time I was calm, happy, and really enjoying myself.  Over the years I have been great at collecting art materials and bad at using them.  The watercolor pencils I used for color in this drawing were already in my stash.

A really great way to enjoy your life for less is to actually use the great stuff you already have!  Lots of us have access to a free public lending library.  I run across adults all the time who don’t even have a library card!  Many of us have lots of stuff in our houses.  How much of it brings you any pleasure?   Instead of gathering more, I’m going to make a concerted effort to use what I have.

Today I’m going to finish the next little picture I am working on.  It’s my dachshund, Charlie.  Do you want to see it when it is finished?

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