Fish Chowder Made Simple

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Yesterday was a nice cold Wisconsin day, sunny, though, and encouraging.  I made a huge pot of Fish Chowder for dinner over at my dad’s.  There was plently left over to leave enough for my dad for tonight’s dinner and for us tonight which is great because it’s a busy day and I won’t have time to cook.  Soups of all kinds are great for this.  When you have a great big pot of soup you can share, you can forget about cooking for a few days, and you can feel healthy!  Nope, with a huge dose of garlic in this one I won’t have to worry about catching a cold, or the big three, either:  cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

You will notice that my recipes are not always so formally written.  I do this for a reason.  I want you to feel creative as a cook.  Don’t be hemmed in by following every little detail of a recipe.  Some do require attention to detail, it’s true, but even finicky cakes can be messed with creatively if you’re willing to take a risk!  I do it all the time and I can usually live with the results, meaning it’s edible, at least.  It can be powerfully educational when things don’t turn out as you were hoping.  This is the best way for many of us to learn.

1.  If using frozen cod, fish it out of the freezer and put into cold water in a pan on the counter about 2-5 hours before starting, if possible.  The only problem with using it frozen for this soup is that it is devilishly hard to cut when it’s like a rock, so try to get it in a pan of water for at least a little while.

2.  Chop up some onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes.  Start with the onions and get those going on medium in a soup pot with a chunk of butter or a few tablespoons of olive oil, or some of both.  Stir it up every now and then as you add the others as they get chopped.Food - chopped onions  …

Food - chopped celery                  Food - chopped carrots                   Food - chopped potatoes

Scrape up the brown bits that form on the bottom.  There’s a lot of flavor in that stuff!Food - Scraping the brown

3.  Pour in some chicken stock, water, fish sauce, powdered and/or fresh garlic chopped up, thyme, black pepper, salt, aleppo pepper and/or chilli powder for some zip, cover and let it cook away!Food - fish sauce, thyme, chicken stock

4.  To thicken, you can do several things like add a few tablespoons of flour to water in a cup and mix up with a fork or whisk until smooth, then add to soup, and/or use an immersion blender to blend the soup a little (be careful, it will turn to baby food very quickly, which can be good, just choose what you want!), or just wait for the potatoes to pretty much melt down and thicken naturally, and lastly, add some cream and/or milk.  If you add a milk product do it at the very end to be sure it doesn’t curdle in the heat.

5.  After the vegetables are all very soft, cut the cod into 1-inch chunks with a kitchen scissors or knife.  Lay on the top and cover for 5  minutes.

  Food - Fish chowder 2

6.  Wah-lah it’s done.  Serve up with some chopped green pepper or parsely on top if you like  and some good crusty bread for dipping!  That will warm you up while you’re waiting for spring!

Food - fish chowder 3


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