Pithy Oranges

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Food - Orange PithI have always loved the pith of an orange.  You know, that dryish, white stuff between the peel and the sections inside.  As a kid I remember all oranges having a thick layer of this stuff.  Lately, I have had a hard time finding it on any oranges until now!  I have discovered organic oranges!  I didn’t think it made that much difference to buy organic in citrus, but either the conventional growers are using varieties that don’t have much pith, or something they do to them decreases it.  I do notice it dries out and sort of disappears the older the oranges are so maybe the conventionally grown oranges are just stored a lot longer or travel a lot farther.  This would indicate they also lose nutrients.  Some people say the pith is bitter and to be avoided, but it’s loaded with nutrients!  See http://www.healthonlinezine.info/the-health-benefits-of-orange-pith-uncovered.html for more information about this.  I don’t get why bitter is always equated with bad in our culture.  Bitter is one of the natural flavors and it rounds out our experience of flavor.  Also, I just don’t get a bitter flavor from orange pith.  When I taste it and really pay attention I get sweet from it.  I’m glad to have found it again on organic oranges and I’m glad to know it’s good for me!  Do you eat it?

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