Perfect Popcorn Made Simple

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Food - Popcorn

Here is how I make the perfect popcorn:  Get out the big stockpot and put a schlock of coconut oil and a schlock of lard in it.  (Schlock = maybe 2 t.)  Heat up on medium-high and throw in about 3 handfuls of popcorn kernels (until the bottom of the pot is covered).  While that gets going, put about 2 T. butter in a little stainless steel pitcher and heat to melt.  Lift and shake the popcorn pot a few times to make sure the kernels aren’t sticking to the bottom and burning.  As the pot begins to fill, take a big spoon and scoop into the corn to the bottom to check on the number of unpopped kernels.  If they are mostly popped, shut off, it’s done!  Drizzle the butter on it and sprinkle with good sea salt.  Enjoy!

Just a note about lard.  Please do not buy the yucky stuff that you find in typical American supermarkets.  It’s filled with hydrogenated oil!  I really don’t understand that.  My dad speaks of growing up on the farm where they kept a huge barrel of lard under the sink at room temperature in the kitchen and it kept just fine without any additives.  Well, anyway, seek out a good source of pure lard from a farmer or else forget it.  You can use coconut and olive oil or butter if you have to.

Also, try this even if you have one of those ridiculous air poppers from years ago.  You will be amazed at the pleasant soft sound of popcorn kernels popping on the stove.  It shouldn’t require protective ear covering to cook!  And get over your fear of fat.  It’s not the 1980s anymore.  We now know that small amounts of good fats are essential for health.

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