Martial Arts – Day 1

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Health - Martial Arts 1

I have, just an hour ago, become a white belt at our local Karate place.  Don’t be too impressed because it’s the lowest level, but hey, I got a belt.  I did have to complete my first class to get it and it came complete with a little presentation ceremony.  I’m feeling rather fit and smart right now!  I can see that martial arts are a whole new world.  So far I like it.  I like the formality of the body positioning.  I like bowing to my instructor and my partner.  I really like learning to punch and kick.  I think my hips will get stronger and stay that way if I keep this up.  I’m signed up for 2 intro classes this week, after that I have to make a big financial decision if I want to continue.  That’s because it’s rather expensive.  This is all relative, of course.  What is strength,  fitness, and the ability to defend myself worth to me?  Quite a lot, actually, because if my body loses strength and I become vulnerable to attacks from within and without then what good does it do me to have saved a lot of money?

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