Dogs of the Tour du Mont Blanc

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We saw lots of dogs on our hiking trip on the Tour du Mont Blanc.  This guy above looking out over his domain was very old and lumpy, but fully in charge.  He took note of each visitor to Rifugio Bonatti and he checked out and approved of the herder dogs which came through with their men and cattle.  Even the young dogs in the herder group knew this guy was in charge at Bonatti.  It was very fun to watch!

Travel - TMB Dogs 5          Travel - TMB Dogs 4

We saw herding, working dogs several times on the trail.  This group below stopped for some hiker snacks at the Col de Voza.  People hiked with their dogs too.  The fluffy guy on the right was resting at the Refuge Bonhomme after a long day on the trail with his owner.

Travel - TMB Dogs 8          Travel - TMB Dogs 7

 Travel - TMB Dogs 2          Travel - TMB Dogs 6

These 2 sweeties above were greeters at 2 different refuge snack stops and below is Bill at our return Auberge in Chamonix with the resident greeter, Orgient, who loves Beaufort cheese!  The owner told us that Orgient lets him know when an approaching visitor is new or returning by the particular kind of vocalization she makes.  Then the owner can very smartly say, “Welcome back!” even when he doesn’t remember the person at all.  Don’t dogs just always make us look smarter and more compassionate than we really are?!  All these dog sightings made us feel better about missing our own 2 canines back home.

Travel - TMB Dogs 3

See Wildlife of the Tour du Mont Blanc, my post from yesterday for a photo of our dachshunds, Charlie and Hudson, if you wish!

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2 Responses to “Dogs of the Tour du Mont Blanc”

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I came across with your post while searching is the Tour of Mont Blanc is suitable for dogs. We are planning to do it late August this year and I am still not sure if the dog comes along or not (a Siberian Husky). I have seen some steel ladder on some pictures. Can the tour be done by a dog? Are they allowed in the refuges?

Thank you,

I apologize for responding so slowly! I pretty much took the summer and fall off from blogging, but I plan to resume now. I assume you had to make a decision about the dog, please let me know what you did and how it worked out as I may be able to help others with their questions. I think dogs are welcome in the refuges, but I don’t know for sure and I think there are ways around the metal ladders. I’ll be really interested in your response. Thank you!

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