Vegan Raspberry Pancakes for Charlie

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Food - Raspberry Pancakes 1

Our dachshund, Charlie, is allergic to eggs.  If he gets any he will scratch his ears nonstop for 24 hours.  Once I figured this out life was better for all of us!  This morning I wanted to make pancakes, and I have definitely given up veganism especially since I’m reading The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith who makes a good case for clean eating instead.  But Charlie and eggs don’t mix.  So, here I did these pancakes studded with frozen raspberries.  Wow!

  Food - Raspberry Pancakes 2                     Food - Raspberry Pancakes 3

Above is Charlie waiting for the pancakes to cook.  He dragged himself out of bed but the waiting got too long so he had to collapse on the rug in front of the stove!  On right are the two dog dishes.  Hudson, who is older and eats less gets the plate on the left.  Charlie inhales his food so this bowl with the knob in the middle really slows him down.  He can handle a whole pancake for breakfast because during the day he is a much higher energy dog.

Pancakes, Vegan

2 C. flour (.5 white, 1.5 mixed buckwheat, oat, etc.)

3 t. baking powder

.5 t. salt

2 T. turbinado sugar

1.25 C.  or so almond milk

2 T. chia seeds plumped in water for a few minutes

3 T. melted coconut oil

Mix together and plop into hot cast iron pan coated with butter and/or good farm lard.  Stud each pancake with 3-4 frozen berries of your choice right after putting into pan.  Then flip, finish cooking.  Use real maple syrup and enjoy!

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