Courmayeur, Italy on the Tour du Mont Blanc

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Travel - TMB Courmayeur 1

We decided to take a rest day on our hiking trip Tour du Mont Blanc in the lovely town of Courmayeur, Italy.  So we were eager to get there and put our feet up in a hotel.  I was hoping for a “tube” (pronunciation for bathtub!) to soak my weary bones in.  I’ve never taken baths in hotels before this trip.  Every time I could get one I soaked!

Anyway, on this hiking day we left big white-capped mountains behind as we came over this enormous grassy hill.  We got excited when we could make out the town below.  If we could see it, we would be there in no time, right?

Travel - TMB Courmayeur 2          Travel - TMB Courmayeur 3

Well, about an hour later we did see that it was closer, but still quite aways away.  Occasionally a vehicle zoomed past us on this dirt track heading down so we decided to try to hitch a ride!  We put beautiful Eva out near the road and, sure enough, the next jeep pulled over!  We all ran out and thanked the man profusely as we piled into the back.  Then we were amazed at how long it took to DRIVE to the town!  Probably another 20 minutes at a pretty good clip.  We kept congratulating ourselves for making this good decision, especially when we passed up some other hiking friends to whom we waved enthusiastically!

Travel - TMB Courmayeur 4Then we got into the town, jumped out, and walked all the way in to find our hotels.  What a charming place to land!  We were delighted that we had the rest of the afternoon, evening and all day tomorrow to rest, relax and explore this town at an easy pace.

We found gelato (it’s always so good to be in Italy!) and a marvelous cheese shop.  We had dinner here that was so good the first night we returned for our second night’s dinner at the same place.  We had time to look around in little shops and write postcards.  We didn’t buy anything much, though, because we had to remember everything is still on our backs and we were only half way.

This was the perfect and best place to take a day off because there were great and comfortable hotels to rest in as well as nooks and crannies to explore when and if we wanted something to do.  We had access to restaurants, shops, bars, a post office, food store, specialty cheese shop, and laundry if we wanted it.  A word to the wise, though, our friends took their laundry to be done and they were disappointed that good hiking clothes made of wool did get shrunk even though they were assured that they knew how to treat hiking clothes correctly.  I always prefer the wash out in the sink method mostly because I’m a control freak and I don’t trust other people to value my stuff as much as I do!

Travel - TMB Courmayeur 6          Travel - TMB Courmayeur 7

                Travel - TMB Courmayeur 9   Travel - TMB Courmayeur 8

Travel - TMB Courmayeur 10

We loved Courmayeur, Italy!  We were very happy we took our day off right here.

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