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Plants - crocusLong ago in a self-defense class I heard that criminals carefully pick out their marks, that the victims actually stick out to them as easy prey.  This is stunning news but not so surprising if you look at it from a criminal’s point of view.  Why pick someone who is likely to make the job harder?

I’m not advising you what to do should you be confronted with a violent situation.  I’m also not blaming victims who have been traumatized by a unique situation for doing or not doing something.

But I am saying that I will not be a victim willingly.

  • I will be aware of my surroundings by actively using my senses when I am moving through the world.
  • I will make good decisions about where to go, when, and with whom.
  • I will listen to my inner wisdom which is there to protect me.  When something is off I will not conform to conventional politeness to risk my safety.
  • I will continually prepare myself by training and reading resources that can help me to be ready if the need arises.
  • And in the end, if I am confronted with a criminal who intends me harm I will fight with everything I have without giving up because no other person has the right to take my life.

There are few true guarantees in life.  And there are none in a potentially violent situation.  But I will be a formidable opponent should the situation arise.

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