I Turn Garbage into Soil

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Plants - SoilDid you know that there are over 1 billion living organisms in 1 Tablespoon of garden soil?  Bacteria, several yards of fungal filaments, several thousand protozoa, and scores of nematodes are all working their magic to make the soil utterly alive.

And I’m a part of the process too.  My redworms and me do a bang up job turning garbage from the kitchen into beautiful soil.  Why throw away into the landfills the raw materials for these organisms to make more soil and make soil that is rich with nutrients for plants?  When I buy a cabbage and I chop off the end, peel back and rip off the outer leaves all before I get to the part I eat, I consider that I paid for that whole cabbage.   Why not use it all?  Why not save the gasoline to have a truck haul it and dump it into a landfill where it won’t degrade easily?  My compost bins are humming with activity all year long and my garden reaps the benefits.

Now consider this…what is happening to the soil underneath the lawns all over America where chemicals are spread?  It’s dying, that’s what.  And our bee populations are suffering as well as the amount of topsoil around the globe.  When we lose enough of these natural gifts we won’t be able to get them back.  Is a tortured lawn (fertilized to grow like crazy just so it can be mowed down) really worth the total destruction of the earth’s ability to produce food for us?  In areas of the world where desertification of the land has already taken place there is no going back to food production.  It’s all about the soil, one of our most valuable resources.

See the Oregon State University Extension Service article, “The Secret Life of Soil.”  It’s fascinating.

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