An Eyeful on Paris Streets

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Travel - Paris Streets 1

You do not have to have a destination in Paris when you set out to walk the streets.  I think it is impossible to find nothing interesting.  We saw this enormous bubble-maker behind Notre Dame almost at sunset when the light was hitting the bubble so gorgeously.  Spellbinding for young and old alike!

Travel - Paris Streets 2          Travel - Paris Streets 4

In front of Notre Dame Cathedral were some bird men who held seed in their hands and the sparrows came to roost and eat.  This was also fascinating to watch.  Apparently they do it a lot so that the birds have gotten over their fear of humans.  I wished I could speak French to the old man and ask how many years he’s been feeding the birds.

Travel - Paris Streets 5

Especially at night the city enchants.  Where else do you find a wall of blue lights?  This was November and the city was gearing up for Christmas.  Gorgeous!

Travel - Paris Streets 3

Lastly is the lady with 5, yes five, Chihuahuas all dressed up and out for a stroll in the Latin Quarter.  She didn’t like me, but, come on, you are walking 5 dressed up chihuahuas and you don’t expect any attention?

We were always on our way to somewhere, but we always found interesting things going on right in the streets to entertain us on our way!  Paris never disappoints.

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