The Vegan Who Ate a Pork Chop

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Food - Pork ChopYou may remember that several months ago my new doctor wanted me to become a vegan for a few months to, “Give my body a break and reduce inflammation” in my body while my body was grappling with perimenopause.  She referred me to “The China Study” which I have since found out to be very flawed.  I made it one week and even that wasn’t completely vegan as I still enjoyed cream in my morning coffee.  Even the doc admitted there is no substitute for cream in coffee!

Since then I have been reading, “The Vegetarian Myth:  Food, Justice, and Sustainability” by Lierre Keith.  This book has rocked my world.  The author has thoroughly explained how industrialized food products are the real culprits in the standard American diet (SAD for short) which produce a whole host of illnesses including the inflammation my doctor was trying to reduce in my body.  This author also explains how agriculture which produces the foods vegetarians eat causes more environmental havoc than any way of eating before it was instituted.  I also now thoroughly understand how I developed a binge eating disorder in my young adulthood; a result of fasting, vegetarianism, and extreme dieting which depleted my brain of serotonin, a crucial brain chemical which can radically alter mood, cravings, and overall health and well-being.

And all this brings me to the luscious dinner I enjoyed the other night!  Just look at that pork chop above.  It was juicy and tender and full of fatty flavor.  My brain and body rejoiced to have eaten it.  I knew this by the great sense of well being I enjoyed afterward.  This is no small thing.  People in other places like France understand that the after affects of eating something are part of the overall food experience.  People here eating the SAD tend to equate the bloating, lethargy, gas, ongoing physical hunger, depression, achiness and more as completely separate from the low quality food that they are consuming, but the two are intimately connected.

So here is my super simple pork chop method:

Pork chops – locally produced, raised on pasture – this is crucial – pork chops from the average American grocery store are completely different – they are from tortured pigs raised in horrifying conditions, so cramped, they cannot turn around, force-fed industrial food waste-products namely corn and soybeans which are not the pigs’ natural food!

organic ketchup

garlic powder

salt + pepper

coriander + rosemary

Squirt a little ketchup on all sides of the chops.  Sprinkle spices and herbs all over.  Put into crockpot on low for 4-8 hours, longer just makes it more tender!  Enjoy with a big salad, complete with olive oil and vinegar.  Your body will rejoice when you consume gorgeous food like this!

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2 Responses to “The Vegan Who Ate a Pork Chop”

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I rejoice with you! xxoo. Did you get my birthday card, btw? I had a fiasco by dropping 5 letters in the local mailbox , possibly w/o stamps. They collected and assured me they’d return to me the next day. Only in a small town! Anyway, I didn’t get them back, so am hoping it was sent to you by last Friday and that you didn’t have to pay postage. 🙂

Yes! I received the card! Thank you dear friend!!

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