Peruvian Restaurant Chef Paz

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Food - Chef Paz 1          Food - Chef Paz 2

We found the most fabulous restaurant last night in West Allis, Wisconsin, right outside of Milwaukee.  If you get anywhere near Milwaukee I would recommend getting here for a meal.  Chef Paz is the brainchild of chef Maritza Paz and you can tell it’s her baby.  The food is luscious, everything tantalizingly spiced and sauced and gorgeously plated.  For a little corner place, only in business 10 months, it’s quite a find.

 Food - Chef Paz 3          Food - Chef Paz 5

Here is the mussels appetizer loaded with corn kernels, chopped fresh tomato, red onion, lime juice and chopped cilantro on a bed of lettuce.  The lettuce was the surprise of the whole plate as it had soaked up all the juices of everything above and I didn’t let one leaf go back to the kitchen once I tried it!  My meal was tilapia lightly breaded and fried with a mass of sautéed tomatoes and red onion on top with a side of deep fried sweet potato.  It was so good I felt like I melted into the plate!

Food - Chef Paz 4           Food - Chef Paz 6

Bill’s came with a pyramid of spiced rice, super-tender beef in a great sauce and a fried egg on top with sautéed veggies on the left.  He loved it all.  Steph got the steak in their signature Peruvian huancaina sauce, a surprising very light cheese sauce.  I don’t usually go for cheese sauces because they always seem to smother and take over whatever they are on, but this one was so light I could see where it truly complimented the tender steak.  We all shared her steamed broccoli which became magical when dipped in the very special cilantro sauce served to compliment anything you wanted to use it with.

Food - Chef Paz 7We also had fried yucca as a side.  I had never had yucca before and it was really good, again, especially when dipped into the cilantro sauce.  The texture was very different from anything I’d had before, drier in a good way.

We finished off with lucuma and guanábana (soursop) mousses and lemon pie.  The Lucuma was off-the-charts good with its carmely, creamy taste/texture.  The guanábana was also excellent and very intensely fruity flavored.  The lemon pie was the only slight disappointment as the meringue was tough and there was so little lemon pie filling in the bottom it was hard to find the taste of lemon.  Lesson learned, stick with the things this chef really understands which is virtually everything else on the menu!  The service was excellent, attentive and very helpful with ipads in the hands of each server to show you pictures of each dish with thoughtful explanations as needed.  We were so pleased and we will definitely return.  I hope you get the opportunity to experience this wonderful restaurant!

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