Learning How to Cut up a Chicken

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Last night I cut up a chicken properly for the first time.  I am amazed at what you can learn on YouTube!  I have mostly cooked whole chickens as is up until now or I cut them up any old way I could.  But I learned that there is an actual method that makes it quite easy to do!  Gourmet Magazine had a really nice video I followed.

Why cut up a whole chicken vs. buying parts?  Well, first a whole chicken is always cheaper and second, you get the back portion which is mostly bone but it has a lot of little bits of meat on it too – just perfect for making stock.  I baked up the legs, wings, thighs, and breasts I had cut apart with a little Penzey’s Galena Street Chicken & Rib Rub spice blend and they were delicious!  This was a farm-raised chicken out on pasture so those spices and salt crisped up the skin nicely and I ate all of it on my pieces.

These parts you see below: the back, neck, heart and liver all went into the small crockpot filled with water overnight.  I know, I know, there are also proper ways to make stock like adding onion, carrot, celery, parsley, which I would have done had I had the energy to gather and clean those things.  Let me tell you, though, just these chicken parts cooked up in water made a gorgeous golden stock.  In the morning I strained out all the solids in a fine stainless steel mesh strainer.  I pulled out the bones and made a pile of meat for the dogs.  Humans wouldn’t think this was very flavorful meat as the stock is full of the flavor, but my dogs love it!  And, although my dogs eat raw chicken bones, I was careful to remove all the cooked bones here because they become brittle and dangerous for dogs to ingest once cooked.  I will definitely cut up whole chickens again and from now on I will do it the proper way!

Food - Cutting up Chicken 2Food - Cutting up Chicken - Stock

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