Would You Trade a Lawn for Cancer?

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I’m going to start with a warning today:  I’m sick of people poisoning my air, water, and land with stupid chemicals so that they can have a weed-free lawn.   Is it really worth toxic water?  These chemicals leach into the ground water.  Is it really worth breathing the fumes?  I can smell it when I walk past even days after application.  Is it worth 10+ years of toxicity on the soil it is put on? Even composting the grass clippings from these lawns does not break down these chemicals.

Take a look at the “horrible” weeds that people think must be eradicated with toxic chemicals below.  I love my next door neighbor and several others in our neighborhood for leaving them be.  We suffered a drought last summer and many lawns completely died out, turning brown and crispy.  In came the reliable weeds to green it up, though!  These neighbors wisely have chosen to keep right on mowing whatever is growing and call it a lawn.  And why not?

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A few years ago I asked one of the lawn service guys spraying away if he wasn’t worried about the chemical exposure.  He said, “No, my company tells us it’s completely safe.”  Uh-huh, and I’ve got a special deal on some swamp land for sale….  Are people so gullible?  What will that company care when that guy gets cancer?  People, no one cares about your health like you do.  Get that through your thick head.  The government should be outlawing these chemicals as they’ve done in many other countries, but because the chemical companies have bought all the politicians on both sides, they are still allowed here.  THIS SHOULDN’T MATTER, BECAUSE WE SHOULD BE SMART ENOUGH TO SIMPLY AVOID USING THESE PRODUCTS!  Sometimes these guys have hardly any protection on at all.  Other companies completely outfit their workers with something that looks like a hazmat suit.  Now think about it people, if the guy needs a hazmat suit to spray your lawn do you really want to be anywhere near that lawn without that suit on?!

My dad claims it’s because people are lazy.  He judiciously sprays a tiny spray of poison only on the offending weed, each one, individually.  Therefore he hardly needs any spray.  He is incredulous that people hire these companies to come and spread the stuff wholesale over all the grass, weeds or not.  A couple years ago a neighbor who has his lawn sprayed gave my dad bags of clippings to  compost.  Now my dad learned about toxic compost from these lawns.  Everything he used that compost on has died.  After researching it we find that the compost is probably going to be toxic for 10 years or so.

People keep dying of cancer and the cancer rates in companion animals keeps rising.  Many dogs and cats walk on these lawns and absorb these chemicals through their paws and mouths from licking their paws.  The EPA says that Americans are now putting 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on their lawns annually.  This doesn’t include the chemical fertilizers!  Our environment is becoming so saturated with chemicals;  our food, our water, land and air.   Our bodies can become overwhelmed and succumb to DNA damage. It can seem hopeless.  A green, weed-free lawn is more important than physical health for ourselves and our loved ones.  Maybe someone will listen before it is too late.   Click here for a great website for information on getting a lawn the natural way.  And heck, while I’m at it I’ll even recommend chucking the lawn altogether to grow food!  Click here for information on creating beautiful, productive gardens in your yard instead of a lawn.  I love that radical idea!

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