Wheatbelly Cabbage Crackers

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Food - cabbage crackers

I have been reading Wheatbelly by William Davis, M.D. which has the subtitle, “Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health.”  I have to say this Milwaukee Cardiologist makes a compelling case for eliminating wheat from my diet.  And in the first 24 hours off everything wheat I noticed my rings felt lose all day, my hands did not gain any fluid as they normally do.  Hmmm…I will have to see how this goes.  We all know how long veganism lasted for me!

This whole idea, though, of looking at how wheat is really different than other foods really makes me stop and think.  Dr. Davis says that wheat has the unique ability to not only spike the blood sugar more than white table sugar but also to alter brain chemistry to make us want it more and more and to make people with mental illnesses worse.  Also, it’s hard to believe, but the whole grain variety that we’ve been harped at for years to eat as healthier, actually raises blood sugar more than white!

I am finding the book a little depressing, though, because it makes it hard to eat anything.  Pretty much all grains are bad for you, with wheat being the absolute worst.  Even fruit has to be limited because of the sugar in it.  Good meat, fat, nuts and vegetables are where it’s at according to Dr. Davis.  Man!  It kind of takes all the fun out of eating, but maybe that’s just the sugar talking.  Like I said before we’ll see how this goes.

Above is something I ate the other day that Dr. Davis would like.  It is duck liver pâté spread on cabbage instead of crackers with a sliver of pepper on top.  It was yummy, but I think I’ll try to make some crackers out of some healthier grains than wheat.  I did miss that grainy crunch with the smooth pâté.

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