Misaka Itoh Peony

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Plants - Misaka Peony 2           Plants - Misaka Peony 1

I got the last Misaka (Beautiful Blossom) Itoh Peony at my local garden center.  I spied these beauties in bloom back in May, but I was not excited about parting with $80 for one then.  Now, they are finished blooming and harder to sell, so I got it for $50.  Still, a chunk of change, I know, but this is one of the peonies that has been crossed between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony making for beautiful 8-inch blossoms in unusual colors like this orange-peachy-yellow on very sturdy and hardy plants.  I tried a true tree peony a few years back and it almost instantly disappeared.  Quite literally, I mean that, it disappeared.  Not eaten down to the ground, not uprooted and dragged off to the side, not any of a host of problems that could have beset it.  One day I went out to admire it and it was gone.

So, driving home with this new treasure I was mulling over where to plant it.  The big bed in the back of the house was definitely out due to the past bad experience.  Right near the front door to our house is a great spot with some good sun, but also some afternoon shade so as not to stress the poor thing too much.  Unfortunately, the spot was occupied by a giant ligularia.  See this monster below.

Plants - Giant Ligularia

Geared up for a wrestle, I was surprised how easily it came out.  Then I used a big knife that has outlived its stay in the kitchen and has migrated to the garden.  I was able to slice this guy into 7 smaller hunks.  This solved my problem in the back on the side where it’s nothing but weeds and I was looking for shrubs or something to put in there.  Spread out in that area they will do fine.  Unfortunately they won’t do much this year as they are all now wilted and very unhappy to have lost their primo spot by the front door, but by next year they will settle in to their new spots.

It will be fun to see how the peony does after the first winter here.  I hope I get at least one bloom like above in the photo from the company that developed the plant.  Peonies are proven sulkers, greatly resenting anything so upsetting as being transplanted, so only time will tell!  I will dream about it all winter.

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