Mary’s Top 10 Pet Peeve Professionals

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Massage HandsWell, I touched a nerve yesterday!  At least one veterinarian was not too pleased with my comments, calling them, “Dangerous.”  Whoo-hoo!  I must admit, for a blog-writer this is a good thing.  I don’t think I’ve written anything dangerous before!  Interestingly, though, there was no real response to the content other than calling it heresay, which it is, I admit this.  The story happened to a close relative, though, and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to make up such a story.  I have admiration for good veterinarians who do their best for animals, and who are honest with owners about the realities of medical and financial situations.

But why only pick on veterinarians?  Today I’m widening my scope to include a whole list of Pet Peeve Professionals.  I am including the 2 professions of which I am a member and also other jobs that aren’t necessarily considered professional.  And the caveat is:  I have great admiration for anyone performing their job well.

Mary’s Pet Peeve Professionals

1.  Veterinarians who pressure an owner to treat an animal when it is hopeless.

2.  Massage Therapists who think they can heal their clients magically.

3.  Teachers who take no responsibility for whether their students have learned or not.

4.  Chiropractors who think a good treatment plan is to see a patient for 10 minutes every other day forever.

5.  Doctors who assume the most invasive route is the way you want to go.

6.  Physical therapists and personal trainers who think anything wrong with you means you must strengthen muscles.

7.   Salespeople who work in their slowest gear while finding anything else to do other than take your money.

8.  Writers who don’t edit or get someone to do it.

9.  Car, appliance, or heating/cooling/plumbing repair people who take advantage of consumer ignorance.

10.  Computer software designers who get rid of a very useful feature when they update.

Well, that’s the first 10 anyway!  I wonder how many people will be irritated with me today.  Come on, I included my professions, and if you can’t admit there are shoddy as well as stellar practitioners of your own profession, you are not living in the real world!

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2 Responses to “Mary’s Top 10 Pet Peeve Professionals”

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Good points! Everyone gets so uppity and offended about everything, heaven forbid we have opinions 🙂

Thanks, Christina, yes, obviously these are my opinions, anyone can feel free to ignore them!

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