Terrarium Maintenance Made Simple

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Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 1

What happens to a beautifully planted terrarium after a few months?  Well, here is my first terrarium planted in February.  That glass makes for a perfect growing environment and the plants have become overgrown, pressing against the glass and looking unkempt.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 3











I hauled it outside because the weather is finally nice and fixing this up is definitely going to be messy.  I used a big spoon to scoop out the 2 biggest ferns.  Then a knife cut them into smaller pieces.  One about 1/4 of the plants went back in.  The rest of the plants went to other terrariums.  Some of the moss that had browned got cut off with a scissors too.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 2

Here is a view inside the new arrangement.  A paper towel and long-handled paintbrush took care of the dirt on the glass.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 4

The final product is already steamed up, creating that great growing environment again.  I guess it will be the middle of winter when I’ll have to do this again.  Not too bad considering I never water this terrarium and this rearranging only took about 5 minutes.

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