I Must Be Cooking

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Food - Cooking on the stove

The Wall Street Journal ran an article in June called, “The Art of Almost Homemade.”  The article explains that food manufacturers are “working to identify subtle cues that signal cooking.”  This is because people want to feel like they are cooking when, in fact, they are not.  At best, people who use these new food products are assembling, not cooking.

Here are the things the food manufacturers have found out through research of “constrained wishful eaters:”

  • 2 steps are better than 1
  • Include a little bit of chopping or mixing (15-30 minutes) of real ingredients
  • Use the stove or oven (no microwave)
  • Wrap in cellophane as opposed to a box (for a pizza to bake at home)
  • Pour something over a meal like a sauce from at least 2 jars over rice or enchiladas
  • Put seafood into a parchment bag (as opposed to packaging them together this way)

Don’t you hate to be manipulated?  How hard is it to really spend 30 minutes chopping actual vegetables, sautéing them in actual butter or olive oil in a pan and cooking up some rice at the same time?  Oh yes, and a splash of soy sauce?  My goodness, it’s disheartening that people have become so separated from cooking their own food that they need a box of food-like products to assemble so they are fooled into thinking they are cooking!

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[…] so the other day I complained about food manufacturers manipulating people by producing food-like products that make consumers think they are cooking.  But the reality is […]

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