Lemon Thyme Harvest

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Food - Lemon Thyme 1Here’s the lemon thyme cut and dried in a basket for a week.  At this point I could take a lot of time stripping each stem of leaves to make a pure product ready to sprinkle out of the jar onto food.  But do I want to take about an hour to do this?

No!  I started and then came to my senses!  I shoved the whole mess into a jar.  It compressed really nicely.  I left the lid off for one more day just in case there was any moisture left.  Moisture is a problem at this point.  Last year I harvested bay leaves, pressed them flat, and shoved them into a jar and tightly closed it.  About a month later when I went to use some I opened the jar to find mold.  So, lesson learned, I make sure everything is crispy dry before I close the lid.

Food - Lemon Thyme 2So what I’ve got here is a jar of dried lemon thyme with the stems.  To use I simply pull out a pinch and massage it a little between thumb and finger to release all the leaves, then throw the stems into the compost.  I used some last night already on baked chicken.  A few stems fell onto the chicken and I left it.  It doesn’t hurt anything to have the stems in there as long as you remove before eating as they are quite twiggy!  I like this “lazy-person” method.  I have about a year’s worth of freshly produced lemon thyme here for very little time and labor.  Sweet!

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