Think Twice Before Killing Bugs

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Photography - FlyWhen I was a kid we found a big moth that was laying eggs.  My dad got a big glass jar and put the moth in there with a stick.  She laid eggs for quite awhile and the whole inside of that jar was full of eggs.  A little while later I noticed that all the eggs had hatched and there were caterpillars filling the jar and starting to come out of the holes my dad had punched in the lid.  Very swiftly my dad got something like kerosene, poured it in and killed all the baby caterpillars.  This experience has never left me.

For a long time we, as a society, have viewed insects of any kind as abominable creatures which should be eradicated.  According to the EPA, pesticide use in the US was 877 million pounds in 2007.  This is a 50-fold increase since 1950.  Our earth is struggling to withstand this pressure.  The bees are dying.  In China they are hand pollinating some crops now.  We must stop this insanity.  Our government won’t do it.

Do you know how it can be stopped in its tracks?  Reconsidering the choices each of us make in the hardware and food stores is how it will change.  Just look at the beautiful colors in that fly in my photo, would you?  He is in this world for a reason.  The bees, the mosquitoes, the spiders live here for a reason.  They are all part of the web.  When you buy organic fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market that tastes amazing and gives you incredible nutrients, can’t you overlook the few spots from some bug activity?  Just cut it off for goodness sake!  It seems a small trade-off to me.  Perfect produce with little flavor or nutrients and tons and tons of chemicals poisoning our world.  How can that be a good deal?  When you are in the hardware store and they have highly toxic chemicals for sale to eradicate insects of all kinds, can’t you just walk on by?  Let those products go unsold I say!  The chemical companies will HAVE to stop producing them.  Let the chemical-produced food go unsold I say!  The giant food corporations will have to think differently about what consumers want.  We have this power, no government intervention is needed.

I like to rewrite the ending of my story above about the moth and her eggs.  In 2013 what we do is take the jar down to the pond in the park and open it up so all the caterpillars can go find a life in the wild.  And we wish them well because we need caterpillars.

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