Cherries at the Market and a Rude Customer

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Food - Cherries 1Where do start my story today?  Well, I guess right here with this gorgeous bowl of Montmorency Cherries also known as tart pie cherries.  You will never have the opportunity to buy these in a store because they are extremely perishable.  When I ran into a seller offering them at the farmers’ market I snapped them up.  While being in awe that they were only $3 and waiting my turn, I observed the woman ahead of me questioning the seller.  She said, “What kind of berries are those?” (wrinkling nose.)  He kindly and patiently explained they were a tarter, different kind of cherry and would she like to taste one?  Yes, yes she would, grabbing and gobbling.  And then guess what?  “Eeeww” and a dirty look to the seller as though he had offered her such inferior fare compared to the pristine Bings in the store.

How many ways could she have staunched her rudeness?  The ignorance of people at a farmers’ market can be overwhelming to me.  Ok, maybe you’ve never seen this or that, please try to view it as an opportunity to learn, to expand your tastes and to bring your over-chemical-laden body back to some cleaner and fresher foods!  And be nice to the hard-working farmers for goodness sake, what are you, a 4-year-old?  Ok, that’s better, I feel better now.   I guess I should be glad she was there at all, but I pictured her running back to the big chain groceries and being relieved she was in purity-land.  I thanked the seller profusely for bringing these tender babies to market.  It made my day, although I wish I had bought more.

004So, for the uninitiated, let me explain Montmorency cherries.  They are not truly tart, but very complex cherry flavor with much less sweetness than the more commercially common Bing cherry.  They are super juicy and health powerhouses.  They are also much smaller than Bings.  Here is my secret weapon to make them mouth-poppable:  a cherry-pitter.  A bit pricey considering I use it only a couple times a year, but the perfect thing especially when dealing with these little gems.  Mine never make it to pie or other uses.  I eat them straight and immediately!  If you see them at the market, please save me some!

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4 Responses to “Cherries at the Market and a Rude Customer”

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Oh, that made my blood boil! That woman was so ignorant! If I was the one inquiring about something I never saw before, and if I wasn’t forced to eat it, I would thank the seller for having allowed me the opportunity to learn about something new. Even if I ended up not liking it.

Okay, now I feel better, too! What a score on the sour cherries, Mary. I missed them this year. Usually I went picking for them at a local farm. Slipped my mind, can you believe it?

Oooh…turning green here. I wish there was a U-Pick for cherries around here. Lucky you! Of course you would know how to behave at the market! Glad you feel better too!

Sometimes I don’t get people!! Anyway, I’ve never tasted those kind of cherries. If I ever come across them, however; I certainly will. Celeste 🙂

Ah, yes, Celeste, I believe you are in California? I think these are only Midwest cherries, and especially around the great lakes. Here in Wisconsin our Door County is cherry heaven and then all of Michigan benefits from the lake’s moist air heading easterly over the state. Also, I know just up into Canada, north and east of Michigan it is big stone fruit country – peaches, cherries, plums, absolutely excellent. You have to come visit sometime!

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