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Italian Shoe Style

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Travel - Italian Shoe

585 Euros for a butterfly-winged heel.  Only in Italy!

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Lake Como, Italy

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Travel - Lake Como Brienno 1

Looking at Nesso, Italy across Lake Como from Brienno.  Finally, one night shot here that worked.  I was holding my breath and bracing myself against a building.  The lights on the water are in focus!

Travel - Lake Como Brienno 2

Next morning on the terrace with Nesso across the water.  Breakfast awaits!

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Sculptor Carlo Ramous in Cortina

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Travel - Corina Ramous 3This is Arco (Arch), 1973 by Carlo Ramous recently installed in nearly the center of Cortina, Italy.  It’s a massive, yet elegant steel sculpture with a fascinating history.

This sculpture along with its companions, Tympanum and Contintuity, have been “stored” in Parma since they were shown there in 1974 (Longing is missing a piece and Development is completely lost still.)  Pictures of the storage look like they were thrown in disassembled heaps out back of a building where they rusted and collapsed.  They were difficult to transport and there were disagreements between the artist and the city of Parma.  So they were piled up and forgotten.

The artist died in 2003 and there was an artistic endowment group which had even lost track of the whereabouts of the sculptures.  All along though, there was Walter Patscheider, who remembered Carlo Ramous as a family friend.  Walter’s father had a vast collection of his artwork and drawings.  It was through Walter’s efforts that the sculptures were found, cleaned, restored and reassembled.  Without his archive of sketches of the sculptures this would have been impossible.  Talk about the right person at the right time!

Travel - Corina Ramous 2This sculpture is destined for it’s permanent home in Milan but is situated in this wonderful space between the church and belltower in Cortina for now.  We were lucky to catch it here.  I wish it could stay here because I think it really inhabits this space perfectly.  I fear it will be lost in the big city shuffle of Milan.  Maybe one can wish for the Italian slowness-of-getting-things-done this time!  Here is another thing I love about travel; finding the little stories of a place that pique interest.  An art history story is the best!

Travel - Corina Ramous 1Tricky photography here – the sculpture is a magnet for all visitors, especially children who want to make it into a slide (even though the sign says stay off!)  I had to wait for a brief clearing of the people to get a clear shot of the whole thing.

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Lake Orta Villa Window

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Travel - Villa Window on Orta

Lake Orta through a beautifully etched villa window.  It was a gem to find!

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Cow Friendship

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Poetry - Cows

I think of you and your needs,

We are connected.

When you hurt my heart bleeds,

I want you protected.

Simple pleasures to share,

A back scratch, a listen,

Bothering to care,

A friendship in cultivation.

You lighten my load,

You brighten my day,

We walk life’s road,

I love you, I say!

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Montreux, Switzerland

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Travel - Montreux 4Montreux, Switzerland is a sweet town on the northern shore of Lake Geneva.  We took a stroll along its promenade dotted with fabulous plantings, sculpture, and repurposed objects used in landscaping.

Travel - Montreux 1

It was a beautiful day and many people came out to enjoy the atmosphere.

Travel - Montreux 3 Unfortunately, I had just arrived in Europe, and it was really the last thing I wanted to do.  Usually when I get to Europe the first thing I do is take just a little nap.  This helps me to readjust my body clock.  Because I didn’t plan this trip, much was out of my control.  Lesson learned!

Travel - Montreux 2

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Hungarian Goulash in Italy

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Travel - Hungarian GoulashThe Rifugio Fadora Vedla in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy made for a cozy afternoon and evening.  Bill and I were pretty tired from the traveling and, although we’d only had a short 2 hour hike to this beautiful spot, we opted for a nap and a little walk instead of another loop hike for the afternoon.

It was a good decision.

I chose this to cap off my day.  Although I’m not usually too interested in dumplings, these spinach balls were perfect to sop up all that gorgeous goulash sauce.  The thing I dislike about dumplings is their doughy texture, but these were made from hunks of bread and spinach so they were great.

Now, of course, I’m on a quest for homemade goulash.  I’ll report back with my efforts!

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Open Eyes and a Thankful Mind

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Poetry - Look UpThose who rush through this landscape

Only seeing the ground below

They hurry to escape,

Their hearts don’t know.

How can this be?

Just a glance above

And they would see

Majesty in God’s love.

These rocks, fashioned by word

Spoken to emptiness

Rise to be heard.

This walk can be fast

And blind,

Or with open eyes

And a thankful mind.

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The Tiny Italian Grocery

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Travel - The Italian Grocery 1I love the tiny grocery that is ubiquitous all over Italy.  The displays of fruits and veggies are mouthwatering.  This one was nice because you were allowed to make your own selections.  In some, you are expected to wait for the salesclerk to pick out the items you point to. And in bigger cities you are often expected to touch the fruit with paper gloves or a paper towel.  They are finicky about the fruit being touched!

Travel - The Italian Grocery 2The mushroom displays are always amazing  in the fall.  These packages are loaded with gorgeous small, orange chanterelles.  I had a pasta dish the night before loaded with these and they are delicious!  I was wishing for a kitchen when I saw all these beautiful mushrooms but I came home with dried porcinis instead.

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Bellagio’s Reader in the Sun

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Travel - Bellagio BeautyEven in the touristy town of Bellagio one can find beautiful little scenes to photograph.  This is one of the things I love about travel.  I look for things I can never find at home.

Here was a young woman who found herself a spot in the sun on a step in front of an elaborate gate to read her book.  It is a magnificent setting for a simple, pleasurable act.  It was so peaceful and a scene I wanted to capture.

Travel offers me a reason to slow down and look around.  I often spend a lot of time speeding through my days with much more to do than I can possible accomplish in a day.  Taking a vacation can offer a chance to slow the pace and find the little gems in each day; perhaps an espresso sitting in a café by the water and some photographs of the beauty that surrounds.

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