Beet and Turnip Greens

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Food - Greens

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I usually cut beet greens off immediately and toss them into the compost for the worms.  I don’t like that they are usually so long they hang out of any bag and then drop dirt everywhere.  I don’t like their taste or rubbery texture.  They are so big they are just hard to deal with period.  Come on, I’m eating beets (after teaching myself to love them), I wanted a pass on the greens.

And then the lady selling them at the farmers market talked to me about her white beets.  Yep they are white through and through with a much milder beety flavor.  And the greens taste good!   And then she told me the greens are actually healthier for you than the beet roots themselves.

So, with new determination, I decided to get more bang for my buck.  I still chopped the greens off immediately because they are just a mess in the refrigerator.  Then I chopped off the long stems and just washed and spun the leaves.  Then I put them in this big stainless steel bowl with a loose plastic cover to hold them in the refrigerator.  Now I didn’t have a mess in there and they didn’t go all wilted right away either.  I ate the greens finely chopped in my salads with other greens and it was a great addition all week!

The next week I did the same with more white beets, some regular red beets, and also something yummy called a salad turnip.  These are pure white and the greens taste great.  I did the same thing with all of them and I’m getting all that goodness in addition to the roots that come on the other end!

My worms will have to be satisfied with the stems and roots.  Too bad for the worms!

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