Flat Lands

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Travel - North Dakota

So far

in this Dakota land

my eyes can see

this working land


and strong

sugar beets




Ready for

the winter sleep

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5 Responses to “Flat Lands”

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I thought you lived in a forest like Hanzel. My impression is that big fields although very efficient in farming terms aren’t the best for the enviroment. Sometimes I wonder when we tame the enviroment and get what we want then the enviroment loses out.

Also you have double spacing on your poem. I find if I copy and paste my poem into notepad and then copy and paste it into the blog then you get single line spacing.

Tim! I LIKE the spacing! Good to know how to do it, though. Also, do you know how to make a photo bigger? This is the biggest I can figure out. There must be a trick. Also, North Dakota is not where I live. My husband and I just got back from there. It is 650 miles away from my woods! And the big fields are natural in that it is the American grasslands or prairies so no trees to speak of. It’s the huge monoculture industrial farming that is not so good for the environment, to be sure, but these big views of flat land have existed there for a long, long time.

Oh I see. We have smaller fields in the UK. What happened to the trees? Are you saying that they were never there? To get a bigger image there are two ways that I know one is to do it in the paint program in windows and choose resize image. The other way is to download the gimp program and resize that way. I think it’s scale image you need. When you upload a picture to wordpress they probably have a go at resizing stuff automatically if the picture is too large but if it’s too small then it probably comes out small.

Yep, the vast prairies in the middle of the US were naturally pretty treeless. The grasses were monumental, though, something like 5-6 feet tall!

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