Corn Pile

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Photography - Corn PileCorn processing on the prairie.  Probably getting it flaked for cattle and hog feed.  Sad that we feed these animals what they were not designed to eat.  This makes them sick their whole lives and less edible to us.  All these grasslands, why not just let the animals roam?  I love the lines of the plant against the blue sky, though.

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6 Responses to “Corn Pile”

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Is it just the effect of the fall?

I don’t know what you mean, Tim. It is definitely the fall harvest time if that’s what you are getting at.

You live in American the country with the most Christians per capita. The fall refers to Adams fall in the garden away from God’s grace because he listened to his wife and ate that apple.

Oh THAT fall! Yes, definitely, we always manage to muck up the good gifts we have been given, don’t we?

It’s was only an apple. The man gets his comeuppance for listening to his women but in most other areas of life we are encouraged to do this. Seems a bit bizarre.

Ah, but it was so much more than only an apple. It was a decision to disobey God. They both knew they were forbidden from that tree. They both chose to believe the serpent who calls God a liar and promises them knowledge of good and evil. Boy, they got that indeed, because from then on they knew evil for sure. I think it’s funny how Adam tries to blame Eve – we all do this, don’t we?

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