Why I Abhor Multi-Level Marketing

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No, no, no!  Stop right there.  No, don’t say another word.  I can see it in your eyes.  You are already in the grip of a multi-level marketing scheme.  I know the look.  You have “information” for me that I’m going to “want.”  You have one or many “products” you are so excited about.  They have changed your life in amazing ways.  You know that I am going to want to be in on this.  I’m going to want this “opportunity.”  When can we get together to get me signed up?

Stop.  Right.  There.

Travel - Mushroom Buying 2

I like buying and selling the old fashioned way.

Here’s why I abhor multi-level marketing:

1.  It turns normal people into crazed, exited automatons who spout the “facts” they have been given by their MLM company.

2.  It means these people can never have a conversation again that doesn’t include something about their MLM company/products.

3.  People in MLM marketing will go to great lengths to get another distributor working in their “network.”

I once had a massage client who worked diligently during her massage sessions to sell me.  After it became apparent that I was hopeless, I never saw her again.  She spent quite a bit of money booking massage with me.  The dedication was impressive.  I had to promise her if I ever changed my mind, even if someone else from the same company changed my mind, that I would work under her, in her network.  I was very glad to make this promise and wish her a final good-bye once I figured out that she didn’t really want massage.  

4.  The products might even be pretty good, but they are priced so that the company can send distributors on trips, buy them cars, and pay all the levels in the network.  I’ve never been unable to find a product or components of their “special” formulations outside of the MLM malarkey.

5.  Distributors become like cult followers.  They lose all ability to question the authoritative statements of the MLM company propaganda.  They do not want to even look at any detractors.  They can’t even wonder if there is a placebo effect going on.  The company founders “know” and have “research” to back up their claims.

6.  They’re going to save you so much money, make you so much money, make you feel/look so great/young…

Run for the hills, I say!   There is an old saying that has served me well over the years, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

With gratitude to Bill McCluskey for the photography in this post.

Travel - Mushroom Buying 1

Porcini buying in Italy. My kind of transaction!

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4 Responses to “Why I Abhor Multi-Level Marketing”

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How many adverts are we bombarded with nowadays. Mind you, capitalism succeeded where communism seemed to fail. Unfortunately I think we are stuck with it.

Ah, but these pyramid schemes are an especially skewed form of it. Do you have these things in England, Tim?

I once did double glazing sales for a week and then quit. We used to have Avon but it seems to of gone quiet. We don’t have that many pyramid schemes that I can recall. There are a lot of internet scams out there though. It’s a dangerous world out there for the unwary. Only the other day someone wanted the details for my amazon account.

Oh yeah, I get Nigerian schemes all the time where they have billions that someone left me as an inheritance. I only have to give them my bank information so they can make the huge deposit. LOL. I guess, sadly, they hoodwink unaware people sometimes.

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