Healthy Air Freshener + A Fix for the Girls

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Essential Oils 1Air “fresheners” enrage me – can you believe that?!  It’s because chemical manufacturers have hoodwinked the public into believing that saturating the very air we breathe with toxic chemicals is a good idea.  We’ve got everything from scented oils that get plugged in to an electrical device and gelled cones that dissolve to sprays given every natural-sounding name they can think of:  garden mist, lavender meadows, fe-breeze.  I maintain that when people are diagnosed with a variety of cancers no one ever asks what kind of chemicals have saturated their environment for decades:  the lawn chemicals, the laundry detergents, perfumes, shampoos, and yes, air “fresheners.”  No one looks at the cumulative effects of all this in our systems.

Well, I for one will have none of it!  Here is a healthy, fun, easy and cheap true air freshener for you:

1.  Put in 10-30 drops of essential oils of your choice (I recommend Aromatics International because they test each batch so they know it’s pure and  unadulterated.)  I used lavender and lime!  It smells refreshingly calming.

2.  Fill with water.  Stick in reeds and then turn over.  Turn them once a day.  Add more oils when needed, every few days.

Tips:  If you choose a container with a tight opening it will keep the oils in longer.  Use reeds you buy online (called replacement reeds) or at local garden centers.  Or any bamboo rods you have around will work too.  Change the oils for different moods or goals.  When my husband came down with a cold I added eucalyptus to battle those bugs!

Essential Oils 2Secondly today I have a little fix I’ve discovered for sore breasts.  Here’s what Aromatics International says about Rose essential oil:

Rose absolute – Rose damascena

Rose is known for many therapeutic effects such as hormone balancing during menopause, cooling for hot flashes (use the mist), calming, cleansing, and purifying the reproductive system. It can also be emotionally uplifting and tonic for the nervous system.

Sounds good to me and my girls!  This stuff is the priciest of all the oils, but really, I could spend much more on toxic perfumes, so I figure I’m worth it.  I used an empty 2 oz. bottle in which I put melted coconut oil and 4 drops of the rose.  That lovely little blue ceramic pot there I brought back from Paris, it’s La Fermière yogurt which you must have everyday if you get to Paris!  Anyway, it makes a nice little container to place my mixture in and fill with hot water just to melt that coconut oil again each day.  Then just pour a little out into the palm of your hand and rub all over.  It makes you feel so much better and it makes you smell good for a whole day without anything toxic to your system.  It has, thusfar in this perimenopause journey, been the most successful treatment for everything!  If you try it I’d be very interested to know how you like it.

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2 Responses to “Healthy Air Freshener + A Fix for the Girls”

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Thanks for this. I don’t generally have allergies, but being anywhere around most fabric softeners makes my eyes water and those awful fake pine auto air fresheners actually sting my eyes. I keep my distance from both.

I know about the fabric softeners, I can actually get some nasal irritation just walking outside past neighbors’ houses where they are using it! And putting that stuff in a tiny space like a car with the heat just seems to intensify it. Yuck!

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