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Adrien Brody to Make London Theater Debut in ‘The Fear of 13’

Adrien Brody to Make London Theater Debut in ‘The Fear of 13’

Adrien Brody to Make London Theater Debut in ‘The Fear of 13’

Oscar winner Adrien Brody will make his London theater debut in The Fear of 13, opening in October.

The Pianist star will play Nick Yarris, who spent 22 years on death row before his exoneration, at the 251-seat Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden. The Fear of 13 is based on a 2015 documentary by filmmaker David Sington and has been adapted for the stage by Lindsey Ferrentino.

Brody will perform the true story of Yarris, a Pennsylvania native who was wrongly convicted of the murder, rape, and abduction of Linda Mae Craig, a shop assistant, in 1982. A DNA test later proved his innocence, and Yarris was released in 2004.

“I love the theater and although I have not been on the stage in many years I have been searching for the right material and this was so clearly the one,” Brody told The Guardian. “This is a story steeped in truth, that exposes systematic injustice and apathy through hope and humanity.

Added Brody: “Lindsey Ferrentino’s writing is just so rich and lovely. It feels equally artistic and socially relevant. It’s a remarkable thing for one who has experienced such tragic loss [as Yarris] to have the eloquence and openness to share their life experiences in a way that is not only profoundly moving but also awakens you to the cruel circumstances many face while at the mercy of the judicial and penal systems.”

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Brody’s resume in TV and film also includes the likes of The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Peaky Blinders, and Succession, but he has never before stepped onto a London stage.

The Fear of 13 is directed by Justin Martin, whose previous work includes Jodie Comer’s Prima Facie and Stranger Things: The First Shadow. Brody added: “The theater offers a level of immersion that’s difficult to find on set, given the technical nature of recording on film, so I’m very excited to explore the character’s journey in continuity – and performing live in front of an audience is a whole different rush.”

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