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All of the Love Island {Couples} Nonetheless Collectively, and These That Have Cut up

All of the Love Island {Couples} Nonetheless Collectively, and These That Have Cut up

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Love Island: All Stars 2024 is currently in full swing, with a star-studded line-up looking for a second chance at love. Amidst the drama, twists, and shocking eliminations, we take a trip down reality TV memory lane to revisit some of the past Love Island couples that are still together — and those that have called it quits.

First, a quick look at the current season of the popular UK reality series. It premiered on January 15, 2024, and was filmed in South Africa. The show started with 14 contestants and currently has 13 in its line-up, following weeks of eliminations and the introduction of “bombshells” — attractive new contenders brought into the villa to shake things up between the couples. When Love Island: All Stars 2024 concludes in mid February, only one couple will be crowned the winners, receiving a joint GBP 50,000 cash prize.

But of course, we all know that the ultimate test to their blossoming relationships is the reality of the outside world. And perhaps no one knows this better than the Love Island: All Stars contestants, who have been through it all before. Will heads continue to turn or will romance continue to blossom once the cameras have stopped rolling? It can really go either way.

Most recently, season 8 winners Ekin-Su and Davide reunited after a brief split, while Jess and Sammy called it quits mere months after leaving the villa.

That’s not to forget that winter 2023 winners Kai and Sanam recently moved in together and season 5 stars Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury recently announced their engagement following the arrival of their first child together.

So where are all the Love Island couples right now? Here’s what you need to know.

All the Love Island couples that are still together, and those that have split

Love Island: 2023 (summer)

Tyrique and Ella T – Together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Tyrique and Ella are one of the Love Island couples that are still together. (Image: Tyrique Hyde/ Instagram)

Probably the villa’s most argumentative couple, Ella and Tyrique have weathered many a storm in their relationship, with the most recent being Ella B’s flirtatious arrival and beeline for Ty.

Despite all the bumps in the road, the couple were the first to tell each other they loved each other and are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Whitney and Lochan – Together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Whitney and Lochan. (Image: Lochan Nowacki/ Instagram)

This year’s arguably favourite islander, Whitney, hit things off with Lochan later on in Casa Amor and since then, the pair have become the easygoing couple of the villa. They shared a luxury final date and seem to be on the same page in regards to life on the outside so remain together.

Jess and Sammy – Split

Despite their fair share of problems and recouplings, Sammy and Jess made it to this year’s final more loved up than ever. Sammy was the first boy to ask a girl to be his girlfriend in the villa and the pair seemed to be plain-sailing, despite their past of fiery arguments.

Unfortunately, the pair just couldn’t make it work on the outside, and have since split up.

Molly and Zachariah – Together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Zach and Molly. (Image: Molly Marsh/ Instagram)

Going into the final together, Zach and Molly were very much the couple where opposites do seem to attract. Despite being shockingly dumped from the villa earlier on in this season, Molly returned in Casa Amor week to claim Zach back.

The pair resolved their differences, with Molly later gifting Zach a bracelet she got in the airport as a token of her affection. The pair have been realistic about the fact they live far apart – Molly lives in Doncaster and Zach lives in south London – but they seem intent on making things work, especially after the ‘Meet the Parents’ episode where their families seemed to approve.

Ella B and Mitchel – Split

Not quite making it to the final, Mitchel and Ella B were the last couple to be voted out of the villa before the anticipated summer 2023 final.

They had more than their fair share of drama with Abi and Mitchel continuing to argue over their previous relationship and Ella B awkwardly caught in the middle. But the awkwardness continued as Mitchel confided in the boys ahead of his final romantic date with Ella B that he thinks she’s ‘fake’. Mitchel is currently part of the Love Island: All Stars 2024 cast, so only time will tell if he finally finds his soulmate.

Leah and Montel – Split

Despite appearing very much loved up in the villa, Leah and Montel have split up just two weeks after being dumped from the villa. Although the pair had a few hiccups in the villa, Montel made a very public declaration about his feelings for Leah after kissing Tink in Casa Amor.

Leah revealed to OK! that “coming out we went on one date but it’s just one of those, it hasn’t worked out”. She said: “I don’t think there was a standout point really, it was more just realising that I don’t see this as a long-term thing between us both.

Catherine and Elom – Split

In a surprise text, Catherine and Elom were voted out of the villa before Leah and Montel were also dumped. While the pair were going from strength to strength when they met in Casa Amor, Elom did admit that he would want to get to know a bombshell in the villa.

Now in the outside world, Elom and Catherine have quickly revealed that they aren’t dating or pursuing things, with Catherine stating that “early on we decided that we were going to be friends.”

Kady and Ouzy – Split

Having come into the villa as a returning bombshell, Kady wasted no time in getting to know the boys and hit things off with Zachariah, who was coupled up with Molly at the time.

In a surprise recoupling, Kady was asked to couple up with a boy of her choosing and chose Zach, immediately leading to Molly’s dumping from the villa. Casa Amor provided many a plot twist with Molly returning to the villa and Kady not seeing a future with any of the new boys.

But returning to the villa by herself, Kady soon had eyes for Ouzy, who was previously coupled up with Ella. The pair hit it off and were dumped from the villa. They are no longer together.

Love Island: 2023 (winter)

Kai and Sanam – Together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Kai and Sanam. (Image: Kai Fagan/ Instagram)

The winter Love Island champions (and the first winning couple in the series’ history to come from Casa Amor) are still going strong.

Last year, Kai shared a sweet message on Instagram to mark Sanam’s 25th birthday, describing her as “the most amazing, beautiful girl I have ever met”.

“I feel so grateful to have you in my life,” he added. “Can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you.” Aren’t they sweet?

Ron and Lana – Split

They coupled up on day one and made it all the way to the Love Island final. Ron and Lana’s relationship seemed as strong as ever, and they managed to make things work long distance, with Ron based in Essex and Lana up in Manchester.

But despite them being a solid couple outside the villa, the pair have now split. Although the pair recently just went away on holiday together, apparently the distance was too much for them according to a source, who retain that the couple are “still good friends”.

Tom and Samie – Split

Finalists Samie and Tom announced their split in April 2023, just weeks after making things official. “Didn’t think I’d be writing this but me and Samie have gone our separate ways,” Tom wrote on Instagram.

“We are still on good terms and I have nothing but love and respect for her,” he added. “I’m gutted it’s come to an end but I truly wish Samie the best.”

However, recently it seemed like a reconciliation could be on the cards, after the pair were spotted partying together in Marbella.

Shaq and Tanya – Together

Tanya and Shaq. (Image: Tanya Manhenga/ Instagram)

Tanya and Shaq are still loved up, and recently shared some sweet social media snaps from their latest holiday, a luxurious cruise.

Before that, they spent the Easter break together, marking the occasion with a trip to Manchester.

Will and Jessie – Together

While many Love Island couples find themselves dealing with the prospect of a long distance relationship when they leave the villa, none faced quite such a huge distance as Will and Jessie, who hails from Australia.

Since they left the dating show, though, they seem to have managed to make things work, with Jessie staying with Will’s family on their farm.

On Instagram, Jessie explained that she will be heading back to her home country soon, but is then planning to move to the UK in the long term.

Casey and Rosie – Split

After just missing out on the final, Casey and Rosie couldn’t make things work and ended up announcing their split just two weeks after leaving the villa.

“Life outside the villa is just very different and we will remain friends moving forward,” Casey told a fan on social media.

Olivia and Maxwell – Split

Things didn’t last long for Olivia and Maxwell after their time on Love Island finished, and the couple decided to call it quits at the start of April.

“Things weren’t the same between Olivia and Maxwell after they left the villa,” a representative for Olivia confirmed. “Life has been hectic and they both decided it was best to end things. Olivia is happy to focus on herself right now and has a lot of exciting work projects coming up, including a role in the next Fast & Furious movie.

“It’s sad it didn’t work out but there’s no hard feelings between them.”

Love Island: 2022

Gemma and Luca – Split

They had their ups and downs in the villa, but Gemma and Luca left the show very much on. They later made their relationship official, with Luca setting up a grand proposal for Gemma as he decorated her home and pool with red roses, candles and balloons. He even sealed the deal by gifting his girl a GBP 7,000 Cartier bracelet.

Unfortunately, the pair are no longer together after announcing their break-up on November 16, 2023.

In a statement announcing their split, Gemma wrote: “To all my followers, I wanted to let you know that Luca and I are no longer in a relationship.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but ultimately this is what is best for both of us right now. Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and I wanted to thank you for your continued support as we start new chapters.”

Ekin-Su and Davide – Back together

Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide may have had one of the rockiest romances the show has ever seen, which included the pair arguing across the villa as Davide shouted his now iconic line: “Liar actress, go the f–k out!” at her, but they eventually made it to the end of the show together — and bagged GBP 50,000 during the process.

Following the show, things only got better for these two, who lived together and filmed their own TV show, Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings, which saw them visiting their native countries together. After a brief break-up over the summer, Davide and Ekin couldn’t stay away from each other, and now, seem to be stronger than ever.

Paige and Adam – Split

In a Love Island first, season 8 saw season 4 star Adam Collard return to the villa as a bombshell.

And he caught the attention of paramedic Paige Thorne. Paige had been coupled up with Jacques O’Neill at the time, but after he suddenly left the villa, she cracked on with Adam.

The two just missed out on the final, but made things official outside of the villa.

They’ve since split however, following claims that Adam had been flirting with other girls (which Adam said had been “blown out of proportion”). Paige confirmed their split by deleting all traces of him from her social media back in October.

Indiyah and Dami – Together

Indiyah and Dami. (Image: Indiyah Polack/ Instagram)

Fan favourites Indiyah and Dami are still going strong after their villa stint.

The pair had a few issues during their time on the show, as Dami decided to couple up with Summer Botwe after Casa Amor, despite having flirtations with Indiyah prior to the twist. Nevertheless, Indiyah moved on with Deji, and brought him back to the main villa, which caused a fiery exchange between her and Dami.

The pair eventually got back together, and left the show in a relationship. They’ve since moved in together and regularly post cute couple videos and photos to their respective social media accounts.

Tasha and Andrew – Together

Tasha and Andrew. (Image: Tasha Ghouri/ Instagram)

It looked like things could be over for Tasha and Andrew after a particularly awkward moment on the show, but nevertheless the pair managed to make it to the final as a couple, after Tasha popped the question.

Fans of the couple will be happy to know they’re still very much on. They’re regularly pictured together and they even have matching tattoos.

Danica and Jamie – Split

Danica and Jamie left the show together with the hopes of exploring things outside of the villa. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they managed to keep things going once filming stopped.

They’ve both removed pictures of each other from their social media accounts, and Danica was pictured kissing The Only Way Is Essex star Roman Hackett in August.

Love Island: 2021

Millie and Liam – Back together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Liam and Millie. (Image: Millie Court/ Instagram)

Buckle up, this one’s a real rollercoaster. Despite a massive wobble in the form of Casa Amor bombshell Lillie, Millie and Liam were crowned the winners of Love Island 2021. In November 2021, they announced that they had purchased their first home together.

A year after their stint on the show, they announced that they had made the “tough decision” to break up.

“Hi everyone, to avoid any speculation Liam and I wanted to share with you that we have separated,” Millie wrote on Instagram at the time. “Nothing will ever take away from the amazing experience we shared in Love Island and the past year and I wish Liam all the best in everything he does. We’re both ready for new chapters and I’m excited for what’s next.”

In recent months, though, it seems that the couple have reconciled, after they were spotted on holiday and at the Barbie movie premiere together. Liam has stated that the pair are “kind of taking things slow”, confirming the news to the Daily Star.

He said: “We did go our separate ways last year for a number of reasons. When you’re in a relationship that’s so public and there’s a lot of people involved and you’re criticised for this and that.”

Kaz and Tyler – Split

Kaz and Tyler made it “exclusive” before they left the villa, and shortly afterwards, he asked her to be his girlfriend during a romantic bowling date with their close friends. Unfortunately, the pair split in December 2021, just three months after leaving the villa.

“We are extremely sad to announce that we have decided to end our romantic relationship.We have had a fantastic journey and we will always have a special bond between us,” the couple wrote in a joint statement.

They added: “We will continue to be very much in one another’s lives and support each other in every way. We are so grateful that we have shared this Love Island experience with each other, and we will continue to support each other’s careers. Life since the villa has been amazing, but it’s taking time to adjust to a new normal in the public eye. This part of the journey hasn’t been easy for us but we’re learning. Thank you to every single person who has supported us, we appreciate you more than you will ever know.”

Chloe and Toby – Split 

Their relationship was pretty on/off in the villa, but these two  managed to make things work on the outside until October 2022.

Chloe recently revealed that it was Toby who called it quits, and described the split as “the saddest time of my whole life”. After the break-up, she moved in with her co-star Millie.

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares – Split

There was lots of drama when it came to Feddy, but the pair managed to leave the show in third place and as boyfriend and girlfriend. Shortly after leaving the show, they moved in together and adopted a dog. However, the pair called time on their relationship in 2023.

On February 15 that year, Faye took to social media to confirm their break-up following speculation from fans.

“I wanted to let you know that after lots of time and consideration, Teddy and I have decided to go our separate ways,” she wrote. “Thank you all so much for supporting our relationship and sharing the journey with us. I’m forever grateful.”

Liberty and Jake – Split

These two split ways before the show ended, with Liberty quitting the show just days before the final as she realised Jake wasn’t the one for her.

According to an insider, the pair gave things another go back in the UK, but they’re officially over now. Both Liberty and Jake were part of the Love Island: All Stars 2024 cast, but Jake left the show three days later after being paired up with her.

Love Island: 2020 (Winter)

Paige and Finn – Split

They were the first couple to make their romance official in the villa, with Finn reading out some romantic messages from his phone. And they later dropped the L-bomb during their love proposals at the show’s prom.

So it’s little wonder Paige and Finn breezed into the finals and were voted as the Love Island 2020 winter winners.

But after three years together, which saw them move into their own flat together in Manchester, the couple reportedly split in April.

“Paige and Finn had a really good run, but they are still super young and decided it wasn’t forever in the end,” a source told The Sun, adding: “Paige is spending some time back in Scotland while she works out what she wants to do next.”

Siannise and Luke T – Split

They might not have come first place on the show, but the duo certainly won themselves a fairy tale romance.

After fighting their way out of a love triangle — thanks to Wallace and Rebecca — they were completely inseparable. And their love proved to be mutual as they both remained single after Casa Amor.

From Luke asking her to be his girlfriend in the most romantic way, to the duo being the first couple to exchange those three, little words, it looked like Siannise and Luke could have something very serious.

Outside the villa, things only grew stronger, with the pair moving into their North London pad together.

In November 2021, however, the couple fuelled split rumours as Siannise shared a cryptic Instagram story with a quote from singer Summer Walker.

Titled “Still Over It”, the post read: “You don’t have to guess if something is love. Love is shown through actions. Stop making excuses for people who don’t show up for you. Don’t ignore the red flags. And don’t think you have to stay somewhere ’cause you can’t find better — you can and you will.”

Demi and Luke M – Split

When it came to finding love in the villa, both contestants were pretty unlucky in love. Luke M got pied by Jess Gale and Natalia Zoppa, while Demi got dumped by Nas Majeed.

However, after being matched by their pals Siannise and Luke T, they finally found the love in each other. But sadly things just didn’t work out between the pair after leaving the villa.

Despite living five hours away from each other, the pair were determined to work, however, they grew apart during the lockdown period.

“My energy wasn’t being reciprocated,” Demi later explained. Luke moved onto series five star Lucie Donlan.

Luke M and Lucie Donlan – Together

The duo began dating in June 2020 and made their relationship a month later. They confirmed their romance in a true 21st century style, sharing loved-up Instagram selfies.

“My partner in crime,” Luke captioned his pic, while Lucie commented: “Youuuu,” and added a few heart-eye emojis.

The pair appear to still be going very strong, often sharing loved up snaps on social media. In May, the pair became dog parents together, as they revealed they’d got a rescue dog.

Last year December, the pair got engaged.

Jess and Ched – Split

After weeks of struggling to find her perfect guy, in walked Ched Uzor who whisked Jess off her feet.

The finalists made their relationship “exclusive” on the show, however, despite a few dates outside the villa, things didn’t last.

A rep for Jess confirmed the news in a statement, which read: “After a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa, unfortunately Jessica Gale and Ched Uzor have made the mutual decision to split.

“They have unfortunately felt the effects of lock down separation but will continue as friends,’ it continued. ‘They wish nothing but the best for each other and full success in each other’s careers.”

Priscilla and Mike – Split

Mike had his fair share of love interests on the show, after almost finding a connection with four girls in the villa. But Priscilla proved to be the one for him, with Mike dubbing her “wifey material” from the moment he met her at Casa Amor.

Despite his past, the couple stuck together, and Mike put a label on it as he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Speaking on Love Island: What Happened Next?, Mike said: “I’ve moved permanently to London now. It was only a couple weeks after leaving the villa that we actually popped the big one and started telling each other that we actually love each other.”

Talk soon turned to the pair’s future as Mike said: “We’re always planning ahead. Conversations about the future together. Children have been mentioned.”

Priscilla then said: “I just need a ring on my finger!”

However, the pair sadly parted ways in June 2021, as reported by the Daily Mail. A source told the paper they were still friends.

Callum and Molly – Split

They didn’t make it to the finals, after the other islanders chose to save Priscilla and Mike over them. But Callum and Molly didn’t let that stop them from cracking on outside the villa. Following their exit, Callum told press including they’d probably be “official” soon, and Molly revealed that they were meeting each other’s families.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and things only seemed to get better for the couple, with Callum even hinting he could get down on one knee — yes, you read correctly!

Speaking in an interview, the 23-year-old ex-scaffolder said he could see himself marrying Molly after spending the lockdown period with her and her family. When asked if he sees any potential wedding bells in the future he said: “Never say never, that’s all I’m saying! It’s not on the cards yet but who knows.”

He also admitted he’d like to start a family soon. “Yeah I would definitely like kids in the future but like I said, we’ve only been together like five months, so it’s still a bit early for kids at the minute!” he said. Shortly after, Molly launched a YouTube channel, featuring her and Callum, and the couple moved in together.

Sadly, it was revealed late last year that the two had broken up some months ago and Callum had moved out of their shared home.

But it might not be the end of their love story just yet. In a shocking twist, Callum and Molly were introduced as bombshells to the villa in the first episode of Love Island: All Stars 2024 on January 15. Will they find their way back together again?

Sophie and Connor – Split

It looked like things could have been over for Sophie Piper and Connor Durman, after she didn’t leave with him when the islanders chose to save her and dumped him from the island.

However, the pair rekindled their relationship after Sophie was voted out. Connor met Sophie’s sisters Rochelle Humes and Lily Piper, and Sophie accidentally revealed they were “exclusive.”

It seemed these two could be onto something good, however, according to sources, the lockdown curse struck again and they’ve now called it quits.

After a six-month romance, things are said to have “fizzled” out between them. “Things just fizzled out. They never even went official,” an insider said. “It just didn’t have a chance to get started because of lockdown and they both agreed it was better to just stay friends.”

Rebecca and Biggs Chris – Split

They didn’t get to spend much time together in the villa as Biggs was dumped from the island after joining during the Casa Amor twist, but the pair certainly found love off the show.

They got very close over the lockdown and made their romance official, with Rebecca and Biggs planning to move in together.

Speaking in an interview, Biggs said: “We’re still going between each other’s houses, but we’ve started looking at places. Rebecca will be moving in soon — I’m really excited. She’s so close to her mum, but said she would move up to Scotland with me.”

Sadly, the pair called it quits after 19 months together. “We broke up because we want different things,” Biggs said in an interview with The Sun. “Rebecca’s more of a party girl, but I want a family and business and just to work work work. I want that ‘couple goals’ life where we both work hard together and build an amazing family.”

Love Island: 2019

Tommy and Molly-Mae – Together

Tommy and Molly-Mae with their baby Bambi. (Image: Molly-Mae Hague/ Instagram)

Tommy realised that Molly-Mae was the “only girl” for him… after a brief “560 degree” head turn thanks to Maura’s advances which left Molly-Mae fearing she’d lost the boxer to the ring girl. He eventually picked her at the recoupling and they shared their first kiss before going on a horse riding date. He left Molly-Mae in tears after revealing he had remained loyal during Casa Amor, before roping in BFF Curtis to help him ask her to be his girlfriend. They later dropped the L-bomb under the duvet, and went on to come in second place.

Despite trolling and rumours that Molly-Mae was not genuinely interested in Tommy (#MoneyMae was rather unfairly trending on Twitter on the night of their Love Island final), the pair have only gone from strength to strength after leaving the show.

They have moved in together and recently welcomed their first baby, Bambi, in January 2023. More recently, though, the pair surprised fans and got engaged with Molly Mae sharing snaps of the emotional occasion to her Instagram, captioning the video with: “Forever. 23/07/23”

Curtis and Maura – Split

Dancing on Ice star Maura Higgins split with pro-dancer boyfriend Curtis Pritchard in March 2020. The fourth-place finalists danced their way into the final, but their path to love was far from smooth, after Curtis broke up with his half-girlfriend Amy and was later torn between Maura and new girl Francesca.

Maura and Curtis were soon on much more shaky ground after it was reported by The Sun that Curtis was caught in an embrace whilst out in High Wycombe at New Year.

But Curtis denied any wrong-doing on Lorraine, explaining: “New year photos is nonsense — you can’t hug somebody or talk to somebody in this day and age without something coming out. Me and Maura are completely fine. I was there watching her on Dancing on Ice yesterday.”

Rumours circled the couple again, as fans speculated how close Maura would get to her professional partner, Alexander Demetriou, on the skating show. However, Maura, 29, was quick to shut it down and insisted they weren’t worried about the infamous curse.

But there was yet more trouble in paradise for the couple, after Maura is said to have left the National Television Awards without her man. According to sources, the Dancing on Ice star stormed out of the event in tears following a boozy row with Curtis.

The duo are no longer a thing, and Maura later moved onto fellow Love Islander Chris Taylor. She then enjoyed a relationship with Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Giovanni Pernice, however, in October 2021, he confirmed that they’d gone their separate ways.

Maura and Chris – Split

Following rumours the pair were dating, the duo decided to make their romance Insta official in November 2020.

But, sadly the pair have now called it quits after six months together.

Sharing a statement, Maura said: “There is no wrongdoing on either side… we still love, care and respect each other deeply. From the minute we met each other we’ve been very close friends and that will never change.”

She continued, “There is no regret. Life is about taking chances. We wanted to make this work but we have realised we work better being friends. Whilst I appreciate people may speculate or create false stories, this is the truth. I wish Chris nothing but the best and I will always be one of his biggest supporters x.”

Chris shared a similar statement to his followers, adding: “We are both still on very good terms and this was a mutual decision where nobody had done anything wrong. We will remain friends, as we have been since day 1 and I will always be in Maura’s corner and have her back.”

Lucie and Joe – Split

The surfer girl looked to have finally found her ‘bev’ as she and sandwich man Joe were spotted holding hands while strolling to a dinner date in Lucie’s hometown in Cornwall, weeks after reuniting on Aftersun and telling Caroline Flack: “We’re just chilling as friends. We’re taking it slow, there’s no rush.”

Speaking at the TV Choice Awards in September, Lucie said they kept their relationship a secret to get to know one another away from the spotlight.

However, the pair have since confirmed their split – with Joe getting close to another former Islander. Lucie is now loved up with series six star Luke Mabbott.

Greg and Amber — Split

Love is dead, as 2019 winners Amber and Greg split – reportedly by text, of all mediums – after a matter of weeks. After tabloid reports, Amber set the record straight on Loose Women, telling viewers the deed really was done over text.

“The careers and the distance was always a factor,” she said. “We always knew about it so I don’t know what’s changed. I wanted to make it work. I am disappointed that it’s over […] but I’ll be fine. Onwards and upwards from here.”

She continued: “From my point of view I still wanted to make it work and there was a call a few days prior just chatting but on that day it was a text. I think there was a bit of miscommunication.”

Ovie and India – SPLIT

India arrived as one of the last bombshells later on in the series, transforming Ovie’s luck. He’d previously emerged from Casa Amor with Anna — only for her to return to Jordan.

The pair confirmed they were “exclusive” on Love Island: The Reunion, and said they were ‘official’ at the TV Choice Awards.

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But after being dogged with false “split rumours” after it was claimed by an Instagram account that India had “cheated” on Ovie while in Portugal — a claim strongly refuted by the couple — India announced their split at the Pride of Britain awards in October, saying it was “difficult”.

Anton and Belle – Split

It seemed to be going so well for Anton and Belle, despite the pair going through quite a tumultuous time while in the villa. They had their first date in Belle’s brother’s restaurant, with Belle’s actor-father, Tamer Hassan, also joining them.

However, it has since been reported that the pair have gone their separate ways, one month after leaving the villa — with Anton’s love for Craig David bizarrely an alleged contributing factor for the rumoured split.

Anton since told Scottish Sun Online: “We’re not together, it’s as simple as that. That’s it.”

Danny and Jourdan – Split

Danny and Jourdan had seemed like one of the more solid couples, after they confirmed in September that they had now moved in together.

But a source told The Sun in October: “Jourdan started to hear rumours he was speaking to other girls behind her back.” Jourdan later confirmed the split on Instagram, saying that she cannot tolerate a “lack of respect, disloyalty [and] dishonesty” in a relationship and told fans “the love was as real as the hurt is now”.

Anna and Jordan – Split

This duo came close to leaving the island after they found themselves in the bottom three, hours after Jordan asked Anna to be his “chick”. The model told the boys he was planning to take Anna on a tour of the villa to relive their biggest moments from where they had their first kiss, to up on the terrace, where Anna realised she had made a mistake in coupling up with Ovie.

They said they were looking forward to life on the outside… but a day after going official, Jordan said his head had been turned by India. Anna accused him of game playing and using her to reach the final. Predictably they called it quits on leaving the villa.

Chris and Harley – Split

Chris and Harley came together by default after India chose Ovie, despite Chris admitting his feelings for her, which left Harley to pick Chris. Despite the not-so-romantic start, the pair eventually shared their first kiss and saw romance rise on a bread-baking date. But, Chris found himself close to being dumped after he guessed that fans were convinced he should be together with India during the Headline Challenge. After a telling off from Harley and a big dose of grovelling the pair made up — only to be dumped from the villa. They became official during an appearance on Aftersun, which saw host Caroline Flack ask if they were “exclusive.”

But after just three weeks out of the villa, the pair decided they were better off as friends. Chris announced the news on Instagram, saying the split was “amicable” and that they were simply “too busy” to make “quality time” for one another.

“I will be very proud of everything she has done and everything she’ll do,” he wrote. “The future is bright crumpet go get em!”

Love Island: 2018

Kaz and Josh – Split

Kaz and Josh, who placed third, were initially gushy about their newfound feelings on Instagram. But while we thought these two were going to be in it for the long haul, the pair seemingly announced their split on Instagram one week after fellow Love Island finalists Megan and Wes parted ways.

Kaz went on to date series three star Theo Campbell. Josh is now in a relationship with model Ruby Wong, whom he went Instagram official with in September 2020.

Kaz and Theo – Split

Theo and Kaz. (Image: The Sun/ Getty Images)

A few months after her split from Josh in 2019, Kaz announced she’d moved onto series three Love Island star Theo Campbell.

The pair looked to be going pretty well, however, at the start of 2020 they called it quits. Speaking of their break-up, Theo said: “I feel like with us, I kinda gave it my everything and it feels a bit under-appreciated. I don’t know what to call it. What’s the right way to say it? I got slinged! I don’t know what to call it.”

It’s not clear whether either are currently dating, but Theo became a dad in 2021 to a baby boy named Aries, who he shares with Instagram influencer Sapphire Yhnell.

Jack and Dani – SPLIT

After a holiday in Thailand, Jack announced that the pair had broken up for good, telling fans on Instagram that they will “always have love for each other” but “sometimes things aren’t meant to be”.

In January, 2020, Jack became a father to his daughter Blossom — who he coparents with her mother Casey Ranger. He is now dating The Only Way is Essex star Frankie Sims, who is sister to Chloe and Demi Sims. Jack and Frankie will appear on the new series of MTV’s Ex and the City.

In July 2020, Dani announced she was expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, who she reunited with after her and Jack’s split. The pair welcomed their son in January 2021.

In July 2021, Kimmence pled guilty to five counts fraud in total against two men who were in their 70s and 80s. The pair are no longer together, and in December 2021, Dani went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Premier League footballer Jarrod Bowen. On 22 May 2023, the pair welcomed their twin daughters.

Adam and Zara – Split

Let’s be honest – Adam finding love on Love Island seemed unlikely. But that’s exactly what happened after he ‘recoupled’ with Zara on ‘the outside’. But it was short-lived, with Zara confirming their split on Instagram in the wake of reported rows following Adam’s night out with fellow Love Island stars Jack Fincham and Sam Bird.

Adam denied he had been unfaithful, but later sparked a backlash after posting an Instagram video of him firing a gun, with the initial caption “Thank u, next” – with many taking the Ariana Grande reference as a dig at Zara. He later edited the post and said he cares “a hell of a lot” for Zara.

Zara is now dating Made In Chelsea‘s Sam Thompson, who won I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2023. The pair split after Zara admitted to cheating on him and the break up was featured on the E4 series. However, the pair managed to put things behind them and looks like things are back to normal.

Megan and Wes – Split

Fourth placed couple Megan and Wes were still together in the Christmas special… but split weeks later following tensions between Megan and Wes’s Dancing on Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer. In a bizarre twist, she said despite “consciously uncoupling” they will continue to “co-parent” their hamster.

Megan went on to date The Only Way Is Essex‘s Demi Sims, however, they split. She moved onto singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes, and they enjoyed a brief romance, but split rumours began to spark as  they isolated separately during the coronavirus lockdown.

In 2020, she appeared on an episode of the BBC’s Eating With My Ex alongside Demi, and last year, she enjoyed a brief romance with TOWIE‘s James Locke. They don’t appear to be dating at the moment.

Wes went on to date series five star Arabella Chi after the show.

Wes and Arabella – Split

Following his breakup from Megan, Wes, 23, got with model Arabella, 29. The duo enjoyed nine months together before going their separate ways.

“There’s been no funny business, no cheating or anything like that, it’s just fizzled out between them,” a representative said at the time.

Laura and Paul – Split

Despite posting loved-up pictures on Instagram with the not-so-catchy nickname ‘Paura’ Laura and Paul never made it girlfriend/boyfriend official, and eventually called time on the relationship two months after finishing in second place. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Laura revealed her regrets over the break-up, which occurred after Paul returned from Burning Man festival.

“I was hoping that when he came back [from holiday] we’d spend more time together and build a proper relationship out of the villa. It didn’t happen,” she revealed.

Paul told The Sun: “We weren’t compatible for each other. I knew I had to be 100 per cent sure about it because you know – the next person you’re with could potentially be your wife; you don’t want to be unsure about it. We aren’t friends now – we haven’t spoken, it is a sore subject. But I told her I would be there for her if she needed me.”

Laura is currently pregnant with Hollyoaks actor Gary Lucy’s baby after the pair met during the filming of their series of Celebs Go Dating and hit it off. The pair spent their first Christmas together but split earlier this year with Laura recently admitting her pregnancy was “planned”. She is expecting a baby girl.

Jack and Laura – Split

There were signs of trouble in paradise early on for New Jack and New Laura who never really went official despite “exclusively dating”.

And the pair finally decided to call it off, with Laura sharing a statement which read:  “Sadly Jack and I have both decided to go our separate ways due to such busy schedules right now and not having the time to spend together,” Laura said. “[I] feel truly blessed to have got to share my Love Island experience with him and to have made a friend for life. We will carry on supporting each other on this journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

Jack is now in a new relationship.

Georgia and Sam – Split

These two had countless ups and downs during their time in the villa before eventually deciding to follow their hearts by refusing to recouple and instead leave the show together. Now, that’s loyalty for you.

They made it official on Good Morning Britain (who said romance was dead?) and decided to move in together, sharing Instagram stories of their “new little pad”. But they split months later, with it claimed Georgia had been unfaithful to Sam and stayed at her ex-boyfriend’s house — which she denied.

Charlie and Ellie – Split

Weeks after leaving the villa together, the pair enjoyed a trip to Monaco onboard a fancy boat. Alright for some, eh? But a Mail Online report later alleged that the pair had a ‘huge row’ at the filming of Love Island: the Reunion, with Ellie later confirming she was angry at Charlie for drinking with Frankie Foster prior to the show.

After a series of reported rows, they confirmed their split, with Charlie writing on his Instagram Story: “Just to inform you all, Ellie and I have decided to part ways. I wish her the best!”

Ellie dated season 5 star Michael Griffiths briefly, after hitting it off on Ex on the Beach in 2o19, however, things have turned sour between them as she admitted she “hated” him for moving on so quickly after their breakup.

Samira and Frankie – Split

Although we didn’t get to see much of their relationship on screen, Samira and Frankie were super loved up. So much so that she didn’t want to continue her Love Island journey without him, and walked once he’d been voted out.

The two made it boyfriend/girlfriend official – but sadly, in August, they called time on their relationship with a rep for Samira telling that she would be “taking some time out from her relationship with Frankie to focus on herself and future work opportunities”.

Love Island: 2017

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies – Split

Aside from the odd recoupling drama, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies seemed to be the perfect match. It was no surprise that the pair won the hearts of the nation and were voted Love Island winners, scooping (and then fairly splitting) the GBP 50,000 prize money.

But sadly in December the two announced they had parted ways. “With sadness, we’ve decided to separate,” a statement read. “Our schedules made it difficult. We’ll remain good friends.”

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt – Together

Jamie and Camilla with their children. (Image: Camilla Thurlow/ Instagram)

After a string of unsuccessful dates and a break up with Jonny Mitchell after that feminism row, it looked like Camilla was destined to be unlucky in love. And then a whole 31 days after she entered the villa, in came Jamie Jewitt. The pair quickly became a fan-favourite and ended up finishing the series as runners-up.

We’re pleased to say they are still as loved-up as ever and even went into business together. Jamilla really is for keeps – with the pair moving in together in February 2019 with their two adorable puppies, Audrey and Gus.

In October, 2020 they became parents to their daughter Nell. A few months later in February, 2011 Jamie popped the question and proposed to Camilla with a bespoke ring. The couple tied the knot in September 2021, and welcomed their second child in 2022. This might just be our fave couple!

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood – Split

These two were on and off more than a light switch during their time in the villa, and leaving didn’t bring them closer. The pair starred in their own ITVBe spin-off, Chris and Olivia: Crackin’ On, in which they rowed, rowed and rowed again – until they finally parted ways.

Chris dated Little Mix star Jesy Nelson, however, they split in April 2023 after 16 months together. Olivia is now engaged to her boyfriend Bradley Dack, following a romantic proposal in Dubai.

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen – Split

After dating for nearly a year, the shock news came in May 2018 that Marcel and Gabby had broken up. And no, we couldn’t believe it either.

After rumours of cheating, a rep for Marcel said: “Sadly the rumours are true, Gabby and Marcel have split up. Marcel can’t really defend his actions as he knows he did wrong and will regret it forever.”

Gabby moved on to Rak-Su’s Myles Stephenson – however, they split after a year. She is now dating model Brandon Myers.

Marcel is engaged to Rebecca Vieira, and they share a little boy named Roman together.

Montana Brown and Alex Beattie – Split

This one wasn’t such a shock. About 3.7 seconds after leaving the villa, Montana Brown and Alex Beattie went their separate ways – and it seems that Montana was the one who instigated it.

Speaking to The Sun soon after, Alex said: “She made me single, so now I am. I’ve got no pressure now and I can just focus on myself and do the best I can.”

In December 2022, Montana announced that she’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend Mark O’Connor and has now welcomed her son, Jude.

Jessica Shears and Dom Lever – Together

love island all stars 2024 - love island couples still together or who have split
Jessica and Dom. (Image: Dominic Lever/ Instagram)

They might’ve been the first to be kicked out of the villa, but Jess and Dom haven’t let that stop them.

In fact, the pair created one of the naffest moments in TV history when they were ‘married’ (sort of) by Richard Arnold live on Good Morning Britain on Valentine’s Day 2018 while wearing swimwear. Their GMB wedding wasn’t legally binding (who knew?) so the pair officially tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Mykonos, with a select few guests and OK! magazine.

The couple now have two children together. Their second was born in June 2022.

Love Island: All Stars 2024 is now airing on Britain’s ITV2 and ITVX.

(Main images: Dominic Lever, Lucie Rose Donlan, Instagram; Featured image: Lucie Rose Donlan/ Instagram)

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