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America Must Remain a Democracy

America Must Remain a Democracy

America Must Remain a Democracy

Tyler Perry weighed in on where his loyalties are in the 2024 presidential election on Monday evening.

“Let me tell you what’s important to me, and I want you to hear me clearly when I say this,” Perry told The Hollywood Reporter at the Divorce in Black premiere on Monday evening. “What is important to me is that America remains a democracy that is free from anyone that is trying to change that or is trying to have the power of a dictator or a king. So I’m supporting anyone who stands against that.”

Perry supported President Biden in the 2020 election. Now, his less specific comments come as some in Hollywood have pushed back against the incumbent’s bid for a second term. Actors and executives such as Reed Hastings, Abigail Disney, Rob Reiner and more have called on Biden to step down from the race (though Reiner reversed course on his opinion in a Tweet on Monday). Many cited the president’s performance at last month’s debate as cause for concern, arguing Biden is too old to seek reelection.

Also at the premiere, Perry spoke about his takeaways from making a movie that goes behind the statistics in divorce.

“I don’t know if I learned as much as I wanted to teach,” Perry said. “Lettings things go and not trying to hold onto…loving someone into a place that they are not able to go to is so important.”

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Divorce in Black, Perry’s second film to come of his four-picture deal with Amazon, follows Ava, a woman who is left heartbroken when her husband leaves her. It releases July 11.

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