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Andy Richter to Launch New SiriusXM Call-In Show

Andy Richter to Launch New SiriusXM Call-In Show

Comedian and actor Andy Richter is launching a new call-in show on SiriusXM. 

The Andy Richter Call-In Show will see Richter, well-known for his role as Conan O’Brien’s sidekick on his late night shows, speak with callers on questions about bad first dates, ghost sightings and more. Each week, Richter will be accompanied by other comedians including Sona Movsesian, Andy Daly and Laurie Kilmartin.

The show launches Wednesday at 4 pm ET/1 pm PT and will air weekly on Conan O’Brien Radio and the SiriusXM app, exclusively for subscribers.

“Conceptually, it is just meant to be fun conversations, encouraging people to call in with the kinds of conversations that you might share at a party, like dating disasters, tales of bad parenting, either that you did yourself or that was done to you,” Richter told The Hollywood Reporter. 

As the show kicks off, Richter says the initial episodes will be live-to-tape, but eventually he plans to do shows with live callers. 

The comedian already has a podcast with SiriusXM and O’Brien’s Team Coco called Three Questions, in which he asks actors and members of the industry the same three questions: Where do you come from? Where are you going? What have you learned? That show, which began in 2019, is also set to continue. After airing, episodes of The Andy Richter Call-In Show will be released widely later in the Three Questions with Andy Richter podcast feed. 

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When it comes to podcasting, Richter said he applies the same theory he applied during his time with Conan: If he’s having fun, the audience is likely to have fun as well. 

“If I can hear stories that entertain me, then I think people will get their vicarious entertainment from hearing them too,” he said. 

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