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Ariana DeBose 2024 Tony Awards: The Host’s Best Moments

Ariana DeBose 2024 Tony Awards: The Host’s Best Moments

Ariana DeBose kicked off the 2024 Tony Awards with a dance-heavy opening number in which she celebrated this year’s nominees and the struggles and “journey” that led them to the Broadway awards.

“This party’s for you,” DeBose told the nominees during the performance, which she choreographed with Julius Anthony Rubio. DeBose also produces this year’s ceremony.

Wearing a gold, striped sparkly dress with matching gold hairpiece, DeBose asked this year’s first-time nominees to “make some noise.”

The number opened with a close-up on a “Broadway Times” newspaper blaring the headline “SHE’S BACK!!!” over a picture of DeBose, with the paper passed around until it reached DeBose. She ended her performance on a tall, round riser with a backdrop that resembled the Tony award, and then fell backward off of it.

She then took the stage for her monologue, highlighting the many shows that played this season.
“I’m a busy queen, but y’all exhaust me,” DeBose said.

She also praised the power of art amid a time when “headlines are … terrifying,” speaking about how the collective experience in a theater can cross boundaries and unite people across walks of life.

“No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a play or musical that will speak to you,” she said. “You might even feel compelled to go out and create change because Lord knows we need some.”

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This year’s Tonys marks the third time DeBose has hosted the Broadway awards, after emceeing the unscripted 2023 ceremony, which took place amid the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, and the 2022 ceremony.

The 2024 Tony Awards is taking place from the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center and airing live on CBS and Paramount+ With Showtime in the U.S. Stereophonic and Hell’s Kitchen go into Sunday night’s awards with the most nominations.

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