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Arkham Asylum TV Show Not Moving Forward: Batman Spinoff Shelved

Arkham Asylum TV Show Not Moving Forward: Batman Spinoff Shelved

The gates to Arkham Asylum are closing. A Matt Reeves-produced show for Max centering on the hospital populated by Batman villains is no longer moving forward, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The latest iteration of the show had The Staircase‘s Antonio Campos set as showrunner, though the series went through years of development and changed direction several times. Originally, the show was set in the world of the Reeves-directed The Batman movie and focused on the Gotham Police Department, taking place a year before the movie. Reeves teamed with Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter for a show announced in July 2020, but Winter departed several months later, with Joe Barton set as the new showrunner in January 2021.

Eventually, that idea morphed into something else, with Reeves stating in March 2022 the show would now focus on Arkham. Campos was reported as the new showrunner in in October 2022, and just weeks later, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as the bosses of the newly formed DC Studios. The show was reconfigured as part of the new DC Universe, rather than the separate universe that is home to The Batman (and its upcoming sequel), as well as The Penguin spinoff show.

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Reeves is working on the script for The Batman Part II, due out in October 2026, while the Colin Farrell starring Penguin arrives on Sept. 8. Variety first reported the news.

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