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Candela Electric Boats Just Launched Its C8 Polestar Edition

Candela Electric Boats Just Launched Its C8 Polestar Edition

Candela’s first electric C-8 Polestar hydrofoiler, all dressed up in that auto brand’s finery, was delivered this week. Last year, the Swedish boat builder announced this special edition as an extension of its collaboration with Polestar.  

Polestar has already worked with Candela to supply its battery technology, but the beautiful tailored, upholstery, gold foils and multiple shades of gray across the boat give it an already-unusual design a very stylish look. Polestar’s design team worked on details such as the bespoke seat upholstery so it resembles the seating on its high-end automobiles. The gold-colored hydrofoils on the 28-footer are also a nod to Polestar performance details on its cars.

The gold foils and custom gray exterior in the Polestar edition are knockouts, but the tech really sets this boat apart.


“Design is an extremely powerful tool, as it can persuade people to make the right choice,” said Gustav Hasselskog, CEO & founder of Candela in a statement.

“Like the first time driving an electric car, you instantly feel that this is the future when the boat ‘takes off’—and now with the special gold details that we so proudly exhibit on our cars.”

The bling—or about as close to bling as one could get from a Swedish boat builder—is noteworthy. But what’s below the custom gray, seven-seat cockpit is what really counts. The C-8 is powered by a 100 kW electric motor and 69 kWh Polestar 2 battery that deliver a 65-mile range on a single charge, cruising at about 25 mph. What’s even more impressive is the 10 to 80 percent recharge in 30 minutes.

The C-8 has a range of 65-mile range at 25 mph, and can be recharged in 30 minutes.


Of course, the real differentiator are the hydraulic foils, which come into play at about 18 mph. They deliver two to three times more range than a conventional electric boat with much of its hull running under the water.

The Candela C8’s ride is also silky smooth, as Robb Report discovered on a recent test, which gives it an advantage in riding comfort over any other boat its size, electric or not. The Candela Flight Controls are the boat’s secret sauce. It is paired to sensors across the hull that monitor wave conditions, adjusting the foils in micro-seconds. The hydrofoils can be retracted by the push of a button on the C-8’s User interface, for trailering or entering a shallow port.

The special edition, available with either a carbon-fiber hardtop or an open version, has enough seating for eight passengers and the captain. The boat is priced at $450,000.

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