A New Icon: The 2022 Lexus LX 600 Flagship SUV

Lexus had a thoughtfully conceived vision for its all-new 2022 Lexus LX 600, with expanded comfort and usability serving as the design’s foundation. Totally redesigned from the ground up, the all-new 2022 LX 600 stands as the ultimate sport-utility flagship in the luxury brand’s growing and diversified model portfolio.

The full-size luxury SUV, with its newly reengineered body-on-frame platform, avant-garde style, and all-new luxurious cabin, embodies Lexus’ commitment to meeting the evolving needs and lifestyles of customers. Having arrived at US dealers in early 2022, we’re looking forward to seeing these eye-catching vehicles grace our roads this year.

Lexus is catering to the wide variety of customers’ needs with the expansion of LX’s range, which adds the first-ever Ultra Luxury and F SPORT Handling grades. The Ultra Luxury offers four independent seats for opulent travel comfort on all road surfaces.

Customers preferring a sportier look and feel can select the F SPORT Handling grade with its unique touches and handling. With comfortable, spacious seating capacity, and a frankly stunning exterior presence on the road, the Lexus LX 600 is definitely a vehicle we see perfect for luxury road-tripping this summer.

Ultra Luxury

The Lexus four-seat Ultra Luxury grade enhances the LX lineup with special attention paid to the rear passenger space and experience. The first-ever four-seat LX indulges with massaging rear-seat captain’s chairs that recline up to 48 degrees.

Trimmed in diamond-stitch semi-aniline leather, they also feature world-class accommodations including a power-retractable ottoman and personal table. Additionally, the rear seat display, behind the front passenger seat, can fold down to allow for forward visibility, offering an airy VIP seating experience with a maximum leg space of 43 inches.

The rear seats feature Ultra Luxury-exclusive curved headrests, seatbacks, and cushions that gently wrap around the head, hips, and lower body. The all-new crafted VIP seating helps to offset any lateral g-forces and irregular road surfaces and help maintain a secure posture, while the use of soft urethane with superior vibration absorption performance helps to suppress unwanted movement — even in off-road driving conditions.

An Ultra Luxury exclusive air conditioning system offers overhead ceiling vents for a full body comfort breeze experience. Added comfort features such as sunshades, reading lights, and a rear seat display are standard. The rear control panel, which centrally manages all functions and equipment of the rear passenger experience, allows for a seamless and intuitive guest experience.

The space for wireless charging has been lowered to ensure visibility while seated in a reclined position. Cup holders are equipped with a lid and, with the lid closed, the resulting surface, which is coated with a scratch-resistant self-healing paint, can be used as a note table. The large console box houses ample storage space as well as the DC power supply, USB, and headphone jacks.

F SPORT Handling

Lexus LX 600

Guests preferring a sportier look can opt for the F SPORT Handling grade with its unique design touches and handling. Styling features of the F SPORT Handling grade include new and exclusive 22-inch forged Dark Grey metallic finish wheels and spindle grille with jet-black chrome grille frame. Inside, the steering wheel and shifter feature textured genuine leather for improved style and grip, while the exclusive F SPORT emblem is applied throughout. A custom crafted F designed seat further enhances hold against lateral g-forces. Ultra White (exterior) with Circuit Red (interior) are offered as an F SPORT Handling grade exclusive.

Key improvements

Active Height Control (AHC) suspension

On-road performance is unequivocally important, and Lexus delivers with some key technical improvements. Our favorite is the Active Height Control (AHC) suspension, which allows the ride height to be adjusted according to the driving environment, now coming with an expanded range of ride height positions. The system automatically adjusts vehicle height depending on the activation of Drive Mode Select or Multi-Terrain Select and the selection status of the transfer case.

19.3-inches of screen access

Lexus LX 600

The LX 600 features Lexus’ first Lexus Interface dual display with a 12.3-inch upper screen and 7-inch lower screen designed to inform, not distract. The upper 12.3-inch display shows navigation, audio controls, and the Multi-Terrain Monitor during off-road driving. The lower 7-inch touch display shows the climate control screen and serves as a driving-support screen for Multi-Terrain Select. Displaying the camera image on the upper screen while simultaneously displaying the real-time vehicle status on the lower screen allows the driver to monitor off-road driving conditions more safely without switching the display.

Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM)

The Multi-Terrain Monitor uses four cameras to help the driver see around the vehicle. The images captured by the front, side, and rear cameras can be interchanged and are shown on the entire 12.3- inch display, allowing the driver to check road conditions often in the driver’s blind spots. By switching to the Lexus-first, Back Underfloor View, images of the foreground taken in advance are provided to the driver as transparent-underfloor images.

By superimposing the vehicle and wheel position over this image, the driver can check underfloor conditions and front-wheel position. In another view, the vehicle is made transparent and an image showing the area around the rear wheels is magnified, enabling the driver to ascertain conditions around the rear wheels and estimate distances to obstacles.

From $88,245. For more information, please visit lexus.com/LX

Source: Elite Traveler

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