AIR Announces First Successful eVTOL Hover Flight

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AIR allows individual consumers to embrace eVTOL flight for the first time ever as a certified, personal transportation alternative for short distance travel in customers’ daily lives. And with the AIR ONE small enough in size to be stored in most driveways and garages, the all-electric two-seater aircraft will provide commuters and travelers alike with a thrilling, futuristic adventure: all on their own terms.

Since its inaugural debut of the full-scale AIR ONE prototype at this year’s Kentucky Derby, AIR has also announced partnerships with air mobility companies FlyOnE, Espere AAM, and AeroAuto, establishing one of the first showrooms for electric aircraft in the United States.

What’s more, AIR is currently pursuing further partnerships in both the US and across the world to assist in the development of policy and subsequent infrastructure related to this pioneering mobility revolution. This includes working closely with the FAA to finalize vehicle certification, and guidelines for eVTOL pilot licensing.

AIR is continuing to accept advance orders on its website of the AIR ONE, with over 150 already secured.

Source: Elite Traveler

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