Airbus’s Future Planes Will Have See-Via Ceilings So You Can Gaze on the Stars Whereas You Fly

Airbus just gave jet-setters a glimpse at the future of the in-flight experience.

The aerospace giant presented its next-gen aircraft cabin during a virtual media briefing. Developed in partnership with 10 airlines and eight technology firms, Airspace is at the bleeding edge of aeronautical design and will shape how the company creates jet interiors from 2035 onwards.

The company says the concept is built on three pillars: transparency, decarbonization, and circularity. That’s a fancy way of saying the cabin is eco-friendly and will help offset each plane’s carbon footprint. Of course, Airbus says fliers can expect more personalized service, better seats, additional smart devices, and an “enhanced atmosphere.” The enhancements, it appears, will include a see-through ceiling that allows passengers to gaze up at the clouds or stars while flying—or soak in some natural light.

Airspace cabins will help to offset the plane’s carbon emissions.


In terms of transparency, passengers will be able to easily view the environmental impact of each flight via a mobile travel companion app, which will also offer options for ways to offset carbon emissions.

Speaking of decarbonization, Airbus claims the easiest way to cut emissions is to reduce the plane’s weight. To that end, the new cabins will feature a “bionic design” that will reportedly lower a plane’s weight by 40 percent. Part of this reduction comes from new catering and trolley concepts that would reduce the galley weight. Pre-ordering food on long-range flights could lower waste and weight by 15 percent, for instance.

Airbus Airspace Cabin

Passengers will be able to see the environmental impact of each flight.


As for circularity, Airbus says it will rethink its cabin materials, opting for versions it can recycle, repair, and reuse.

So, when will Airspace take flight? Airbus will begin making changes to its existing cabin range this year, but will fully introduce the concept with its next generation of aircraft. The company says it will provide more information about the new cabins at the 2023 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany next week. Stay tuned.

Source: Robb Report

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