Famed Yachting Photographer, Carlo Borlenghi, Is Selling His Most Iconic Works as NFTs

Carlo Borlenghi is known for capturing the world’s most thrilling and prestigious nautical events in images. Now, the Italian-born photographer is taking on the digital landscape with the release of his debut NFT collection. 

For over 40 years, Borlenghi has documented everything from the America’s Cup regattas to Rolex races, depicting the glamorous, often action-packed, world of yacht racing like few others. His NFT collection promises to do the same (h/t Forbes). The digital gallery of Borlenghi’s most iconic works is currently being sold exclusively on Opensea, an online marketplace for digital collectibles. 

The Moro is surrounded by gondolas in Venice in 1990 

Carlo Borlenghi

Borlenghi’s NFT assortment is broken up into two themes, the “History of the America’s Cup” and the “Chronicle of Sail,” each of which features exclusive and unique editions. The former showcases historic moments in sailing which Borlenghi has been lucky enough to capture throughout his career. The latter, meanwhile, is a more artistic expression of live-action photographs that celebrate racing vessels big and small and how they interact with their environment.

Carlo borlenghi americas cup

America’s Cup defender Alinghi 5 is airlifted over the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea 

Carlo Borlenghi

Speaking about the Americas Cup images, Borlenghi told Opensea the “collection is a celebration of the oldest trophy on Earth, and a tribute to the men that dedicated their life to chasing it around the globe. . .My journey has been long and full of memories: through this refined selection of rare pictures, I hope that collectors will relive historic moments that came to be emblematic representations of the aspirations and conquests of generations of sailors.” 

americas cup 1992

Il Moro di Venezia competes in the 1992 America’s Cup 

Carlo Borlenghi

The floor price for items in both collections is 1 Ethereum (ETH) or $1,241.31. On the opposite end, the highest priced digital collectible by Borlenghi is a piece titled “America’s Cup #54 – Pressure,” currently priced at 15 ETH or approximately $18,619.15. All of the listings are currently available for purchase on Opensea until they expire on December 31, 2022.

Source: Robb Report

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