Justin Bieber’s New White-Hot Vespa Scooter Comes With Matching Riding Gear

From Hugh Jackman to Andrew Garfield, stars just love zipping around town on Vespa scooters. In fact, one of today’s biggest musical talents, Justin Bieber has been spotted on the nameplate’s Italian-made two-wheelers so often that the duo’s new collab seems, dare we say, harmonious.

Dubbed simply the Justin Bieber x Vespa, the limited-edition bike was conceptualized and designed by the Canadian singer himself. The Bieb’s creation is essentially Vespa’s popular Sprint model with a new monochromatic colorway. The all-white scooter also sports white-hot flames on the chassis that hark back to ’90s hot rods for a little more attitude.

Elsewhere, the bike comes equipped with Vespa’s signature rectangular headlight and 12-inch wheels that “are ready for anything,” according to the marque. It also features a multifunctional display behind the wheel that syncs with smartphones and enables riders to play Bieber’s hits or adjust the LEDs, for instance.

A close-up look at the Justin Bieber x Vespa scooter. 


In terms of power, the scooter will be available with Vespa’s classic 50cc, 125cc or 150cc engines that each deliver a top speed of 40 mph, 60 mph and 70 mph, respectively.

“The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, probably either London or Paris,” Bieber said in a statement. “I just remember seeing a Vespa and being like ‘I want to ride one of those.’”

To ensure you ride in style, the musician also designed a few matching accessories, including a pair of gloves, a bag and an all-white helmet emblazoned with the same retro flames.

Of course, Bieber isn’t the first to reimagine the Italian icon. In 2020, Dior unveiled a luxurious take on the classic scooter. Streetwear designer Sean Wotherspoon also previously penned a version of the Vespa Primavera for style-savvy hypebeasts.

The Justin Bieber x Vespa will only be produced until the end of this year, so if you’re a fan of the Bieb—or Vespa—best move fast.

You can pre-order the scooter via the Vespa website from April 20, 2022. Unfortunately, the 125cc model won’t be sold in the US, but you can pick up the 50cc edition for $4,999 or the 150cc version for $6,549.

Source: Robb Report

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