Lotus’s New 4-Door, 600 HP Electric Saloon Will Be as Powerful as the Porsche Taycan

Lotus may have only unveiled its second EV, the Eletre crossover, last month, but it’s not ready to slow down yet. The British automaker has now shared some enticing details with Autocar about what drivers can expect from its next battery-powered vehicle, the Type 133 saloon.

The electric car—which, in typical Lotus fashion, will eventually have a name that starts with an E—will be another departure for the brand, which was acquired by China-based Geely Group in 2017. Until this year, the automaker really only produced one kind of vehicle during its 74-year-history: sporty two-seaters. But, like the Eletre, the Type 133 will have two sets of doors and two rows of seats.

Lotus Eletre 


With the car still in development, details are scarce, but the company told the British publication it will feature same twin-motor powertrain that can be found in the launch-spec Eletre. Last month, Lotus said that driveunit will be able to produce at least 600 horses. That won’t make the Type 133 as powerful as the 2000 hp Evija hyper car, but it will allow it to match up quite nicely with the 590 hp Porsche Taycan GTS. Managing director Matt Windle said that’s where the EV is “starting at,” too, which suggests it could be even more powerful.

The saloon’s design has yet to be finalized, but it will share several style cues with the Eletre. Despite this, don’t expect the Type 133 to just be a shrunk down version of the SUV. The marque’s senior VP of design, Peter Horbury, told the magazine that each of its EVs “can have their own character.” One thing we’d be willing to bet on: Similar to its siblings, the Type 133’s final design will emphasize aerodynamics.

The Lotus Evija hypercar

Lotus Evija 


The Type 133 is expected to enter the final stages of development in the very near future, with production slated to begin next year. When it arrives, that’ll push Lotus’s lineup of EVs to three, with more to follow. Last fall, when Lotus first announced the Eletre and Type 132, the marque also revealed that it would introduce another SUV in 2024, followed by an all-electric sports car in 2026.

One thing is certain: There will be plenty of Lotus EVs to choose from before long.


Source: Robb Report

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