Porsche’s First All-Electrical Supercar Idea Is Right here, and She’s a Stunner

Move over, Mercedes-AMG. Porsche’s newest EV was designed to break records.

The German marque unveiled a battery-powered supercar concept called the Mission X during its “75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars” anniversary show on Thursday. It sounds like Porsche is mulling the possibility of putting the futuristic speed machine into production, too.

Because it is a concept, there aren’t many technical details about the low-slung EV or its powertrain. Porsche did make the claim that were the Mission X to go into production it would be designed to become the fastest road-legal vehicle in Nürburgring Nordschleife history (a record that currently belongs to the Mercedes-AMG One). The automaker also said it would be built on a 900-volt system architecture and have a 2.2:1 pounds-to-horsepower ratio.

Porsche Mission X concept


Motor1.com points out that if the Mission X were to weigh as much as Porsche’s last hypercar, the 3,700-pound 918 Spyder hybrid, it would have an output of around 1,700 hp. And when you consider the added weight of a massive EV battery pack, the concept could be even more powerful. If that wasn’t enough, the architecture would also allow the hypercar to charge nearly twice as fast as the company’s fastest-charging EV, the Taycan Turbo S (which can go from five to 80 percent capacity in 22.5 minutes).

What we do have a clearer idea about is what a production Mission X would look like. The hypercar that Porsche showed off on Thursday is a true beauty. It’s basically a futuristic update of the 918 Spyder with smooth, flowing lines from front to back. Especially striking are its laser-thin LED lighting package (which includes illuminated lettering) and a set of Le Mans-style doors. The staggered wheels—20 inches in front, 21 inches in the back—look appropriately menacing. Completing the package is Porsche’s recently updated crest, which can be found on the hood, steering wheel and wheel centers. The Mission X is the first car to sport the new emblem.

Inside the Porsche Mission X concept

Inside the Mission X


The hypercar’s two-person cabin looks as if it will be as stylish as its exterior. Considering this is supposed to be a high-performance beast, the space looks remarkably elegant and features different-colored seats for the driver and passenger, both of which have six-point harness seatbelts. The driver’s cockpit is also equipped with a motorsport-style squared-off steering wheel with switches for different driving modes and paddle shifters. Porsche made no mention of a purpose for the paddle shifters, but they could, in theory, allow drivers to switch between gears.

The Mission X is very much a concept, but everything about the vehicle’s announcement points towards a future when Porsche offers an all-electric supercar—and perhaps one not unlike this one. The automaker said that the car’s production fate will be “decided in due time,” according to Road & Track. Based on the early response to the vehicle online, we imagine Porsche will find that there are plenty of interested buyers out there.

Click here for more photos of the Porsche Mission X concept.

The Porsche Mission X Concept in Photos


Source: Robb Report

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