Porsche’s New Custom Division Took a Beat-Up Old 996-Generation 911 and Turned It Into a Dream Car

It may be less than a year old, but Porsche’s Sonderwunsch program is already making some noise.

The marque’s restoration division has just unveiled its latest project, the one-off 911 Classic Club Coupe. The program worked closely with the Porsche Club of America (PCA) to take a forgotten example from the sports car’s 996-generation and turn it into something genuinely unique.

Launched last May, Sonderwunsch is an in-house division that attempts to give customers a direct say creating the Porsche of their dreams. We don’t know who commissioned its latest vehicle, but what we do know is that the team that worked on it have really outdone themselves with the Classic Club Coupe.

Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe 


The one-of-a-kind vehicle’s story begins when PCA’s executive director Vu Nguyen came across a beat-up 1998 911 Carrera sitting on a dealership lot in Columbia, Virginia, according to the brand. The car was then sent to the Porsche Classic Workshop in Germany, where it was rebuilt from the ground up over the course of two-and-a-half years. By the time it was done, it had been equipped with a new chassis, brakes and a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter flat-six from a second-generation 911 GT3. The mill, which is mated to a manual transmission, can pump out a maximum of 383 horses.

As vital as those changes may be, what really elevates this restomod is how it looks. It’s been finished in a gorgeous coat of Sport Grey Metallic that’s only interrupted by two Sport Grey racing stripes outlined in Club Blue and Classic Club Coupe decals. Other new features include a hand-built double-bubble roof and ducktail spoiler, as well as a set of 18-inch forged aluminum Fuchs wheels. Inside, black leather seats are accented in Slate Grey and Club Blue. The dash has also been outfitted with a modern infotainment system, compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

The interior of the Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe


“The Type 996 is unjustly overshadowed by the other 911 ranges,” Alexander Fabig, head of Individualization and Classic at Porsche, said in a statement. “That’s why we were happy to choose it as the basis for demonstrating all the things we can do with Porsche Classic and the recently expanded Sonderwunsch program of Porsche AG.”

This is the second Sonderwunsch custom job we’ve seen since the division was first announced. Last November, the program showed off a special 911 GT3 designed by race legend Paolo Barilla, which features a racing-style livery like the 956 he drove to victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1985. No price was given for either car.

Check out more photos of the 911 Classic Club Coupe below.

The Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe from the front


The Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe from above


The Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe from the back


The Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe's gauge cluster


The Porsche Sonderwunsch 911 Classic Club Coupe being built from the ground up


Source: Robb Report

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