Recaro’s New Premium Airplane Seats Have ‘Privateness Wings’ to Assist You Tune Everybody Out

Recaro knows that even little tweaks to plane seats can make a major difference.

The industry titan just unveiled a number of small but significant innovations at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany. It also had a couple of futuristic concepts on display at this week’s expo that point to the future of aircraft design.

First and foremost, the German outfit presented a new premium seat called the PL3810 that promises to elevate the in-flight experience for top-tier passengers. Developed after comprehensive market and observational research, the newcomer has a number of amenities and ergonomic features that make it suited to the premium class in widebody aircraft.

Passengers will enjoy a single-plate table, a 4.5-inch center armrest, a six-way adjustable headrest, a nine-inch recline with articulation, and a calf rest. Arguably the best touch is the “privacy wings,” which Recaro says help fliers “own their space.” The seat also weighs 10 percent less than its predecessors. As a result, it will give airlines more cabin flexibility and lower fuel costs.

Recaro also presented the eco-friendly “R Sphere” seat concept, which was created with lightweight and recyclable materials, such as cork, wood, fishing nets, and cactus. Another highlight was the ultra-connected “R Horizon” concept, which is essentially a business seat with integrated smart cabin technology.

The newest version of the Sprint seat was also on display at the expo. The bestselling design has only an eight-week turnaround period between order and delivery. As a result, it has generated significant interest from major airlines.

“With each seat order we receive, from economy to business class, Recaro is tasked with helping airlines build a better passenger experience,” CEO of Recaro Mark Hiller said in a statement. “AIX is an important part of that process, as we greatly value the feedback on our seats that we receive from our partners, customers, and suppliers.”

The company says it will use the feedback that it receives at AIX to make future seats even better.

Source: Robb Report

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