Sentient Jet Unveils Plans to Offset 300% of Emissions

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What does this mean? Instead of offsetting emissions alone, the private aviation company is going one step further and offsetting other aviation emissions (like water vapor, aerosols and nitrous oxide) which are also produced – but rarely spoken about – when flying.

While these non-CO2 pollutants are harder to measure, a study conducted for the European Parliament’s ENVI committee concluded that these emissions result in significantly greater damage to the environment than carbon alone.

By choosing to offset all emissions, Sentient Jet hopes to shine a light on these often-neglected pollutants and foster more meaningful sustainability initiatives within the industry.

The private aviation company worked closely with 4AIR – the industry’s only sustainability rating program – to review its flight volumes and implement the initiative. As part of the carbon offsetting program, Sentient Jet is supporting a range of carefully chosen forest conservation and renewable energy projects across the globe.

“We chose to focus on a more comprehensive offsetting program, as we knew this was the best method to help reduce the footprint on our client’s flights while also taking definitive steps to reduce emission levels,” said Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet.

“Within 18 months, we’re extremely pleased with the success of the program, but of course we’re always looking for ways to improve and evolve our ongoing sustainability efforts. We hope Sentient Jet’s sustainability efforts can become an example for what the private aviation industry as a whole can accomplish in terms of making meaningful steps toward reducing overall emissions and prioritizing our planet.”

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Source: Elite Traveler

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