This Bonkers 264-Foot Catamaran Idea Appears Like a Spaceship for the Excessive Seas

Andy Waugh’s latest concept may have been inspired by the past, but it looks like it’s been plucked straight from the future.

Christened Decadence, the 264-foot catamaran sports a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) that is a triumph of form and function. The British designer says the potential of SWATH vessels has yet to be fully realized in the luxury yacht sector, but he’s hoping to change that with Decadence.

The concept pays homage to the extraordinary automotive and aeronautical advances of the 1920s and is equally pioneering. The SWATH design not only creates a striking, spaceship-like silhouette, but it also has a number of benefits over conventional yachts. The two cylindrical outer hulls are submerged underwater and connected to the main hull via “stilts.” This minimizes the hull cross-section area at the sea’s surface and could reduce pitch and roll by as much as 70 percent compared to a traditional monohull. As a result, Decadence would be much smoother and safer than her competitors.

A bird’s-eye view of Decadence.

Andy Waugh Yacht Design

With a beam a hair over 98 feet, the vessel’s displacement would be roughly 5,000 GT (about the same as a 394-foot superyacht). The spacious interior layout could be fully customized to the new owner, naturally. Waugh’s eponymous studio envisions a giant owner’s suite measuring 66 feet wide, 98 feet long, and 10 feet high. It would essentially be bigger than the average N.Y.C. apartment. The crew quarters and technical areas could be housed in the sponsons and outer hulls to ensure the main hull is reserved exclusively for guests. Each deck has a fully enclosable exterior area, too, which gives you even more privacy and protection from the elements.

Decadence also has a designated space for two 46-foot tenders by Skyline Yachts: one with an open deck and one with a fully enclosed cabin. The runabouts can shuttle seafarers to the shore when needed. Speaking of the shore, Waugh says the Decadence can be docked out in the open pretty much anywhere as her sturdy design eliminates the need for shelter.

The catamaran will reportedly be equipped with a “radical new propulsion system.” The studio didn’t identify the exact engines, but it did say the setup should slash energy consumption by around 30 percent and thus reduce the need for frequent refueling. The vessel also appears to have sails erected in some of the renderings, which could be used to increase speed and range.

Although it’s not clear when (or if) Decadence will hit the seas, Waugh and his team are currently working on another 328-foot-plus vessel. Commissioned by an American tech billionaire, the megayacht is currently in the engineering phase at Dorries Yachts in Bremen, Germany. It is expected to hit the seas in 2025. Let’s hope Decadence gets built next.

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Decadence Catamaran Concept

Andy Waugh Yacht Design

Source: Robb Report

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