This New Hybrid Crusing Yacht Can Generate Its Personal Clear Power Whereas Cruising

Southern Wind’s new sailing yacht is a breath of fresh air.

The 108-footer, known simply as the SW108, sports a pioneering hybrid-propulsion system and a range of high-tech features that can be tailored to each new owner. The South African yacht maker first teased the new model in the spring of 2021, but now it’s showing off the first hull of the series (in render form, at least).

Penned by Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design, the SW108 is available with three different keel configurations (lifting, telescopic or fixed). Owners will also pick between various deck layouts (Raised Saloon, Deck Saloon or Gran Turismo) and a myriad of interior styles. This “Smart Custom” design ethos, as the yard calls it, ensures each yacht has its own unique personality.

The first hull sports an extra-wide beach club aft. 

Southern Wind

This particular model will also be equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system comprising two generators, a lithium battery bank and a motor. As a result, it will be IMO Tier III compliant. In other words, it will emit little (if any) carbon. The system can be operated in three different modes: “Silent” for zero emissions and noise, “Hybrid” to optimize fuel consumption and “Hydrogeneration” to produce clean, green energy via propellers. Top speed and range is yet to be disclosed.

Southern Wind SW108 hybrid sailing yacht

The yacht will be equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system. 

Southern Wind

Southern Wind says the SW108 will feature advanced composite construction on the hull and deck—that is, resin and foam reinforced with carbon, which results in a light yet sturdy yacht. The interior, meanwhile, will have a foam sandwich structure with wooden veneers. Of course, you can expect a full suite of swanky amenities, such as a gym, a sauna, an extra-wide beach club and a garage big enough to store a 16-foot tender.

Quite rightly, Southern Wind has described the newcomer as “the ultimate balance between customization, innovation, reliability, sustainability and efficiency.”

Due to be delivered in 2023, the first hull is currently undergoing the final stages of the lamination process. Following this, the deck will be dry fitted to the hull. Exciting times.

Source: Robb Report

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